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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLone Wulf
SummaryYou see before you a rather large anthrowolf .. He has ice blue eyes that seem to stare right through you. He has three earrings in each ear and as you look him over you cant help but notice the scars that run across his right eye causeing that eye to seem as if it is glowing..You notice his fur is black as a starless sky save for the white patch on his head that seems to form a diamond pattern between his ears..Around his neck is a plain iron collar that has 6 rings attached to it .. Also as your looking him over you cant help but notice the smell of strong male musk in the air around him .. As your gaze runs down his chest you notice a gold nipple ring in each nipple. As you look further down you see he is wearing little more than a pair of leather pants that seem barely able to hide the large bulge in them..He wears no footwear preferring to go barepawed ,but does have a thick steel band around his left ankle ..Like the collar it also has rings attached to it ..

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourlong black fur
Hair Coloursame as my body except for the diamond pattern in between my ears
Eye Colourice blue
Clothingplain black leather biker pants
Accessoriesnipple rings ear rings
Weaponryclaws and teeth.. hypnotic right eye
Outstanding Featuresscar across right eye iron collars on neck and left ankle

Personality & Background

Personalityvery easygoing till he has reason not to be then look out.
Backgroundthis wolf is a former slave.. molded in his former Masters image.. He had to fight for his right to live and during his last fight he became magicly endowed with the power to see into other furs deepest desires as well as haveing the power of hypnotic suggestion...He will, should the need arise, defend his friends with his life... he has had to depend on his brute strength to survive most of his life and has little tolerance for those that prey on the weak..
Likesmotorcycles, yiffing,and computers
Dislikesfake fursons,lyars ,thives ,and know it alls ....
Locationin your wildest dreams
Occupationbounty hunter
Additional Infomake this wolf your friend and youll have one for life..mess with himm or his friends and you had better hope he doesnt find you ...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotelife is short.... live to ride (hopefully me) dont get mad get revenge

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