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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePatashu (Steamtech Colossus Horse Form)
SpeciesSteamtech Colossus Horse
Weight1mil+ tons
SummaryLarger than any building, stands before you a simply towering 300m/984ft tall gleaming shire stallion. With a build of pure bulk and power his unpainted steel-wrought body strains the ground beneath with thousands upon thousands of tonnage. His wide shoulders and bulging chest describe unrestrained power, the contours of which lead into a tight, six pack stomach and slim waist, gleaming brightly in the sunlight. Fastened around his middle, with a thick leather strap that must have used hundreds of cow hides to make, is a chainmail loin cloth, that is only just managing to cover a very large bulge between his massively muscular legs. A pleasurably-toned steel rump trails down thick metal thighs and shins to solid, pitch-black hooves. A powerful warmth is emanating from his waist, where his cubical boiler resides. A large, circular grate with slits in it has been welded onto the front of his waist so you can look inside and see the bright reddish-orange blaze caused by the many forced fed burners, consuming tonnes of crushed coal with an unrelenting roar. Above the boiler, set towards Patashu's back, are mounted the encconomiser and superheater, designed to extract as much heat as possible from the hot gasses before they are released into the atmosphere, somewhere just below the horse's neck. Down the front of his body are three huge vertical steam turbines driving three, eight piston compressors. To keep the pipe work short, the turbines are immediately above the boiler, with the compressors above that. Each compressor has eight cylinders and is used to feed a central reservoir. Under commands from the central logic, the air in this reservoir is used to drive the pnumatic rams that allow Patashu to move. Each time he makes even the smallest movement, a plelthora of solenoid valves snap open and shut to make sure that exactly the right amount of air is delivered to the right ram.

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