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Character NamePatashu (Mech. Anthro Wolf Form)
SpeciesMechanical Anthro Wolf
SummaryStanding exactly 2 metres/6.6 feet tall before you is a mechanical anthro wolf. His body, sculpted moderately muscularly and with broad shoulders, has been crafted mainly out of shiny, unpainted steel. His head sports large, pointed ears and eyes with an unblinking, dull sapphire glow. His lips, tongue and mouth lining have been covered with a layer of black rubber and fangs have been sharpened. Moving down, you notice the same black rubber has been used around seams in the neck and to cap the mecha's chest with firm nipples, and also in gasketry installed in the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Bands of tempered glass have replaced steel around the arms, upper legs and the waist, showing continually moving pistons and wires beneath. The mechanical wolf's hands have fingers designed with dexterity in mind; the last joint of each is tipped in rubber for easy gripping. In the back of his neck a small data port can be seen. Holding him up, his feet are plantigrade with four toes each and footpads like tank treads. Finally, the tail is in a four-segmented piece of steel, swaying back and forth every few seconds with gentle whirrs. The only thing he has on is a simple pair of blue shorts.

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