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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePatashu (Steam Dragon Form)
SpeciesSteamtech Mechanical Dragon (Quadruped)
Height8ft high (but 25ft long)
WeightAt least a few tons
SummaryYou are currently looking at a steam-powered mechanical dragon, around 7.5m/25ft long, and making quite a lot of noise, clanking and clattering as it's machinery churns. A layer of shiny, bulky-looking iron armour plates surrounds it, riveted together in a patchwork yet completely symmetric way. The armour plating is riftless, aside from a small gap between plates in the hindleg joint, which looks intentional. In this gap you can see cogs, pistons, springs and pipes, along with other machinery of the type, mostly made out of brass. A number of meters and dials are installed into it's side. In it's front chest is a boiler door, through which you can see a substance burning, probably coal or wood or magnesium. Two pipes lie on the top of it's head, side by side, pouring out smoke almost constantly. It's ears are quite large, looking like oversized versions of bat's ears, holding microphones inside. It's eyes look a lot like miniature spotlights, emitting columns of light ahead of them. Steam wafts out of the nostrils at a fairly consistant rate. Inside the mouth is a set of iron teeth, surprisingly sharper then they look. There is also a pipe that leads down the throat and into the boiler, emitting smoke slightly. You can see an engine embedded in the joint between the lower jaw and head. It's wings are made out of large, square sheets of iron. There are two sheets per wing, connected to each other by iron bars going along the edge, and are foldable. It's tail is missing around a quarter of it's armour pieces. Pentagonal plates of iron line it's tail, looking similar to those you'd find on a stegosaurus.

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