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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePatashu (Diesel Macro Bat Form)
SpeciesDieselpunk Anthro Macro Bat (what a mouthful!)
Height75 feet/23 meters
WeightMaybe a hundred tons or so?
SummaryStretching into the sky at a staggering 75 feet/23 metres is the dieselpunk herm anthro-bat Patashu. Sie's tall, slender and streamlined, steel hull coated in rich black paint (with hir internal gleaming chrome mechanics exposed quite liberally). A hiss of hydraulics and a rumble of a massive diesel engine fills the room as you look up over hir; naturally, hir most eye-drawing feature is hir wings; heavy duty brown canvas stretched out to an impressive span, finely balanced pulleys, springs and cables layed out over their metallic framework. They draw all the way down to just above hir hips and are capped with steel wingclaws for grippage. Once you're done there, hir noteably busty metallic cleaveage and tall, radar dish ears are the next things to catch your attention. Sie is, remarkably, quite a sexy-looking machine, if one can be described as such; slim physique, curvy hips and rump, gleaming sapphire eyes... Although, sie does have a slight bulge in hir tummy.

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