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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRhennessa
SpeciesKitsune (Fox)
Height4 feet 10 inches - 100 feet (Average)
Weight130 lbs - 1279154.5 lbs (Average)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight brownish fur with a white tufted tail and dark tipped ears.
Hair ColourDark brown (Brunnette possibly?)
Eye ColourJade Green
ClothingUsually a set of heavy duty green cargo pants and a very tight red shirt. Why is it tight? Because she's an overly busty inflatable kitsune with a set of Z-cups on her chest is why!
AccessoriesShe'll usually be carrying around a large backpack with a few things stitched in on it here or there and the occasional little keychain. She also carries around her heatshield kit, comprising of a large chest shield, which is a form fit platform of heat resistant metal that fits snuggly over her chest allowing her to do her work on it, and also her heatshield mask, to protect her face from errant sparks from her work.
WeaponryA replica Panzer IV remote/manually operated assault tank firing Panzerschmalleue rounds. And what in all the graces if Inari is a panzerschmalleue? A twenty pound compressed marshmallow which once fire has its bonds melted and quickly expands into one big heaping poofball of marshmallow munition!

Personality & Background

PersonalityOverly hyper at times, tends to get going on something and won't stop until it's done, and even then it's just the first rendition of many! She's rather jumpy at times, too much sugar and caffiene will do that to a person y'know? Certain things easily offend her, usually references to being called rather derogatory terms and the like, let alone people only interested in her for their personal lusts. Did I mention she likes ot push buttons and make things explode? =D
BackgroundRhennessa is an orphaned kitsune, parents were killed in some crash (Or so she was told. Kitsune don't just die from a car crash, well, not for long) and she was tossed around in foster homes for the first 17 years of her life. At the age of eight she was taught to fire a gun by one of her foster fathers. Another of her foster parents supported her work with electronics and the like, so she was able to get ahead in those interests. She graduated from school early and with high honours at the age of 16 1/2. From here she went off to be more sociable with people, encountering a rather large, but fairly empty in, and making some friends there, this place being in an area rich in magic, just something she had stumbled upon, and very unusual to the world she was used to. Here she leaned more about her kitsune heritage, as well as picked up some very strong 'physical enhancements' from someone there in hopes that she might better attract someone who might be interested in her, a -very- superficial moment for her if anything (IE; you ain't seen busty until you've seen someone like Rhen). Also at the inn, she met up with the person she's now staying with, an excellent cook that person is in fact, all the more reason to stay with her. This is her short history so far, I'll probably compose something larger at another time.
LikesBig red buttons! Big red buttons! Ooooh, button! -=CLICK!=- Making things explode. Rigging things to explode. C4 plastique. Electronics. Making weapons of mass destruction in her spare time. And milkshakes, lots and lots and lots and lots of chocolate chocolate-fudge milkshakes with any assortment of ground up candies in it.
DislikesPeople who think too highly of themselves. People not being fair to others. Those damn prissy cheerleaders. The fact that all the cute guys are gay! (But one thing I hate Out of Character, is netspeak! If you're playing with me, and use netspeak at all, I am -so- gone got it?)
LocationLos Angelas California, USA. Currently goes to BFCC (Whereever it is >.>)

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWho's got the button? I've got the button! -=CLICK!=-

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