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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShirei Hengeyokai
SpeciesAsian dragon
Height5. ft
Weight150 lbs.
SummaryShirei is a young dragonness of gentle appearance and free spirt with a broad array of useful skills and a taste for whimsical magic. Standing only 5 feet tall and weighing just 150 pounds, she does not appear much of a threat but those who don't know she's a Mech pilot have discovered otherwise. She feels all folk should be free and darring in their dreams and deeds. She hates to many laws and grasping greed, and loves the freedom of the open road and the beutey of nature.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMistyblue with mint-green underscales.
Hair ColourBlack, with purple highlights in an unruly mop
Eye ColourEmerald Green her pupil and iris are the same color so it appears she has no pupils at all.
ClothingShirei commonly dresses in wildly colored, lose fitting garments (gowns for formal occasions). While on the job she wears a skin-tight "plug suit" used to interface with her Mech's computer.
AccessoriesA moonstone pendant in the shape of a skeleton key. A delcate gold anklet set with small spheres of silver.
WeaponryWhile she isnít terribly strong, Shirei is extremely quick and skilled with two crystal-bladed short swords that have been enchanted with the propertys of steel. One has a hilt of gold that is twisted into the form of a tiger's head, and the other has a silver hilt with an image of a dragon. She prefers to avoid fights wherever posable especaly while in her Mech, its designed for exploration not battle.
Outstanding FeaturesA plump build that's more cute then attractive by most standards. A pair of long whiskers hang from the upper end of her muzle.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShirei is a dreamer, when her nose isn't in a book her eyes are takeing in the stars. She's quiet but friendly and very intellagent, if you can get her to stop daydreaming long enough to chat.
BackgroundShirei [SHEE-ray] Hengeyokai was raised by an uncle who taught her in the ways of magic, about the fantastic worlds beyound her own, and otherwise prevented her from becoming a delinquent. When her uncle died and his business closed, Shirei took up his legacy and after receaveing more proper training in Cosmology and Mechs got a job with the Wayfarer socity. SHe's worked for them ever since.
LikesMusic, art and a good story delight her, as do folks willing to share their storys over a warm cup of tea. Giveing her a book she hasn't read before is a good way to make a friend with Shirei. She practices archery as a hobby and loves a friendly mage duel from time to time. She has no time for petty fighting however.
DislikesShirei has little patients for igorince and arrogant behavior. Intolerance and wanton cruelty infuriates her as dose deceit (that is, deliberate untruths told for harmful reasons, not little white lies told as kindnesses) and misuse of knowlage. Know it alls, petty insults, or arrogant fools with a surpority compex only bore her and she makes it clear she has no time or use for any of them.
LocationShirei been quite the wanderer for the last few years, never staying in one place too long. Perhaps this is caused, in part, by her chaotic career.
OccupationShirei works for the Wayfarer Socity, a guild that focuses on the exploration of the Mutiverce. Its kind of like Stargate command combined with Zoids.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteEarth? You named your world after dirt?

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