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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePatashu (Diesel T-Rex Form)
SpeciesDieselpunk Anthro T-Rex
Height60 feet
WeightTons and tons!
SummaryA fearsome sight stands before you; a massive robotic reptile. It's a 60 foot high dieselpunk, anthro t-rex automaton with a towering, imposing build. He hisses loudly when he moves, thuds and clangs when his feet hit the ground and emits a loud, droney rumble from his chest. His entire body, from plantigrade four-toed feet to the top of his head, is clad in thick, blocky steel with a canary yellow coat of paint, excluding the fingers, toes, teeth and the inside of his mouth, which are left a shiny chrome. On the rims of his armour bordering joints, black diagonal 'caution' stripes have been painted. In the unarmoured gaps on said joints, hydraulically-operated pistons and rubber gasketry are visible. The armour he's equipped with exudes strength and bulkiness, with a broad chest and shoulders as well as thick, wide thighs and calves. Deep within his belly is a powerful diesel engine, rumbling lowly when idle but roaring and revving like a wild beast when the machine is in motion. Below, a little above the crotch is his fuel tank, with an impressive capacity, located in the rex's center of gravity so it doesn't have a shift in balance when depleting. His head is sculpted fearsomely, with a sharp array of teeth and nostrils ablaze with exhaust from his diesel engine. Video camera-esque optics and parabolic radar dish ears sense the world around him. Interestingly, mounted between his legs are twin exhaust pipes, which travel backwards and are used to expose of fumes just as much as the nostils. Additionally, a number plate is hanging off the creature's tailbase, and reads REX-180.

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