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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePatashu (Brachiosaurus Form)
SpeciesAnthro Brachiosaurus
Height10 feet
WeightMaybe a ton or two?
SummaryYou notice an anthromorphic female brachiosaurus with dark grey skin, tinted blue, standing at a height of 10 feet, the last 3 feet from her long, flexible neck and the head mounted on top of it. She has a rather plump, heavy and lumbery look with thick, tree-like arms and legs, an also thick and moderately-sized tail swaying behind her. She has three finger-talons and a thumb on each handclaw, four toe-talons on each foot. They are all coloured white and are blunt and rounded. She has dark blue glassy eyes that seem overly shiny somehow and she carries a very sweaty, musky, earthy smell about her. Her movements are unusually unprecise, lumbery and clunky. You can also hear muffled hisses and whirrs, and puffs of steam emerge out of her crest. Here and there, seemingly at random, geometric square or rectangular bulges can be felt on her skin and if you look close enough you'll notice a few tears, a rusty metallic surface just barely visible beneath. She smiles and nods over to you, her head creaking metallically with the motion.

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