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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKiru Kim Weathers
Age3 *now four in some rp's*
Height2 feet maybe (never thought of it before)
Weight50 pounds maybe (never thought of it before)
SummaryAfter his mother sacrifieced herself to save kiru he was taken to family after family being called a freak and dangerouse, he managed to be saved by the mysteriouse lady ordana that transported him to a new dimension where he walked in the little cubs daycare, after a while of bonding with lig (a four year old lyger) and warren (a older lyger) was addopted by them and lived happly for a while, a month has gone by since that time, he was kidnapped by a crime lord named kuga zoto, kiru went missing for 2 months, then he mysteriouly reappeard to warren, brusid and damaged kiru was cared for until the good brother of kuga ,zuge zoto, came in telling warren of a cancer kiru had in his heart, after a long surgery kirus heart was replaced with a bionic heart, kiru began to mentally regress causing incontents, after several days of regression, kiru finaly recovers to live on in his life where there will sure to be many more adventures for him!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourScales are green
Hair Colourhair color is light purple
Eye Colourlight purple
Clothingmostly a diaper with a blue t-shirt
Weaponryatomic fire breathe
Outstanding Featureshas purple spines running down from his neck to his tail

Personality & Background

Personalityvery kind willing to make friends but when the time comes will stand up for his said friends
Backgroundread description
LikesHis family and friends and chocolate ice-cream
Dislikesdirty diapers and bullys
Locationwhere ever warren and lig live
Additional Infoloves to be cuddled and wuved!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"thats intresting" Johnny Depp, pirates of the carribean