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Vital Statistics!

Character NameWyldsyde
SpeciesKitty kat
GenderVery very female
Height6ft 4in (though often way bigger)
WeightTake a guess! You get it right and win a no-prize!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWyld's fur is mostly stark white and peach fuzz soft. However, on her shins, forearms, shoulders, and neck, she has huge tufts of long shaggy light blue fur. Wyld purposely dyes the fur tufts to offset her white.
Hair ColourBlue baby, blue! Her hair is giant mass of wild, shaggy, neon blue which she usually lets hang down all the way to her feet. From time to time she cultivates long arching bangs to hang over the front of her face and dyes them bright magenta. Her hair overall is dyed from the natural color of black. She just woke up one day, looked in the mirror, screamed, "I'm too monochromatic!" and had to do something about it. Thus... blue.
Eye ColourWyld's eyes are an eerie almost glowing red. She has no visible pupils, whites, or even eyeballs. Just orbs of bright red. When angered or very excited her eyes actually glow, and show up especially well in the dark.
ClothingWyld dresses as her whim takes her. Her casual attire varies lots, but she has been most often seen wearing big blue bell bottom jeans and a way too small hot red tank top. When she used to be doing her heroics she dressed in assorted straps and belts that barely covered her naughty bits. She wore this to give her complete freedom of movement. The straps were originally black leather with silver buckles, but when she dyed her hair she switched to red leather with gold buckles. If she is ever needed for action, the belts will come back out of retirement in a heartbeat.
AccessoriesAccessorizing! The name of the game in good style. Wyld does not often accessorize, unless one counts the spiked bracers she rarely wears or the collar with the gold cat bell on it. The bell is a favorite of hers, but is still rarely worn. She also keeps earrings in her big ears, hoops and bars mostly.
WeaponryWyld doesn't normally carry any, but she is extremely well trained in the use of many weapons, predominantly of oriental origin. She favors the use of staves, throwing spikes, and japanese short swords (ninja-to) used in pairs. Her most recent 'toys' of choice are long metal claw bracers worn on her forearms, with the tri-blades extending a foot past her hands (as if her claws aren't long enough).
Outstanding FeaturesAside from her glowing red eyes her most distinguishing features are her really, really big... um... er...jigglies. Yeah, that's it. Jigglies.

Personality & Background

Personality"Personality? Ya mean you don't know me? Me?! The Wyldster? Jeez! What rock have you been living under? Hee hee! OK, listen up, I'm Wyldsyde. Not Sedatesyde, or Sappysyde, or Whiney-Wishy-Washysyde. It's Wyldsyde. I live life to the fullest and never look back. You don't live in the past. You live in the present and lust for the new fun of the future. Every day is a new chance for fun and all fun is a new chance for a fantastic new memory. My motto, live every day as if it were your last, cause you never know when it will be! Make sure you have fun, on your own and especially with friends. Eh? You wanna know what kinda folks I like? Well get to know me! Ya gotta be open and honest. Lively, spunky, happy! Dare to be stupid, cause I'm sure not gonna berate you for making a goof of yourself! Heh heh. Well, no more for now... gotta go try some cliff diving! Hmmmm? Wanna come along and take a little walk on the wyld syde? Hee hee hee!!"
BackgroundComing soon too. My hands hurt from typing, heh heh.
LikesWyld lives for fun and action. She loves all kinds of athletics and adventure and adores taking dares. She likes drawing and art, good stories, and pad puns. The color blue is high on her list of liked things and a fishy can make her day. She is an avid adorer of fantasy, sci-fi, movies, music, and anime, with a huge collection of it too. Wyld also likes to act, dance, and sing (though she is a terrible singer, voice cracks lots, nails on chalkboard). Engaging in a fun bout of role play is also a neat passtime as she has been a GM in many many a game. Lastly, Wyld likes honest, caring, fun loving folks who aren't afraid to look foolish for the sake of a laugh... Oh, almost forgot. Wyld looooves to get ridiculously huge.
DislikesWyld really dislikes boredom, her mortal enemy. She is lately beginning to develop a strong hatred for Peer as well ("You know who you are and I'm coming to get you!"). She has little patience for folks who get too down on themselves, though she will try to help them. She doesn't like to be left out or have secrets kept from her, as she is insatiably curious. Wyld also hates, hates, hates strawberry ice cream.
LocationNew York, New York! It's my kinda town! Where the kitties are big and strut all around!
OccupationA job? Me? Are you kidding? I'm a professional freeloader and starving artist. Heh heh. Oh yeah, and from time to time I like to act like a super-heroine. Hee hee.
Additional InfoWyld has a few very special abilities to her name. She has unnaturally fast reflexes, balance, and agility. She can regenerate from injury incredibly fast, even regrowing lost appendages. Her tail is fully prehensile (perfect for fun and holding things) and she is incapable of feeling pain of any sort, for all the good and bad that may accrue from such a power.

Just for Fun

BlogWhat's a Blog and is it communicable?
Favourite Quote"A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why sometimes in life it's the only weapon we have." - Roger Rabbit, toon philosopher

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YahooSit Ubu, sit. Good dog.
ICQNever had it, never will...
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