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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKarla_Collie (Female)
SpeciesBorder Collie
HeightAnything she wants,
WeightVaries with height.
SummaryA size shifting border collie girl, wearing a yellow bikini top and black spandex cycling shorts.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe is the colour of your typical border collie, with jet black fur down her back and the outer fur on her limbs. She has a snowy white under belly and inner limbs, that goes from her chin right through to her tail.
Hair ColourShe keeps her head fur long and free,
Eye ColourA strange almost glowing Amber, that flashes Golden occassionally.
ClothingShe doesn't dress too much, simply wearing a yellow bikini top over her large chest and a tight pair of spandex cycling shorts on her lower body.
AccessoriesShe constantly wears a ring on her finger that has four symbols on it, one is female, another is male, another seems to be herm, while the last is a strange straight line. She also wears a collar, with a black gemstone embedded in it. The gem shines at the same time as her eyes.
Outstanding FeaturesHer usual height of 14' makes her stand out in a crowd, shorter then most macros and taller then most average folks. She also changes to all three genders (Different furbases will come for those), so watch for what word she uses to find out the gender.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe enjoys to play and have fun with her friends, and tries to generally be happy and kind to everyone who talk to her.
BackgroundShe has moved out into the country after an accident in her youth. The Collie is protected from most magic by her body, which absorbs any magic it comes into contact with. Once her collar was the only thing to contain her magic, and when she removed it for the first time, the 18 year old collie ended up at 60 miles tall. Now she has moved to the country so she doesn't cause much damage.
LikesCuddles and friendly furs. She enjoys most things really.
DislikesArguements and attention seeking/whiney furs.
LocationFurryMUCK :)
OccupationFarm hand.

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