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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJeri
Age18 to 25
HeightAbout five and a half feet
Summary Jeri is a slight feline, his lithe body built of soft curves and not much more than five feet tall [5.5' or 167.64cm, precisely]. His high forehead, attentively pricked ears, and his twitching tailtip emphasize his youth, his grey eyes glancing intelligently from behind his slim, blue-tinted sunglasses. His fur is a light and tawny orange, and he wears a sleeveless printed tee-shirt and a knee-length kilt made out of pleated black silk. The feline's hair is dark and highlighted with orange, cut in a youthful bob that occasionally gets in his eyes and ends just above the black collar he wears snug around his neck and down his slender back. A small silver bell is attached to the front of the collar, jingling quietly with the cat's movements. He sports a fashionably tattered logo teeshirt, its sleeves removed to leave his narrow shoulders free. The shirt has a printed 'recyclable' emblem on the front in grainy black ink, the familiar triangular arrangement of bent arrows framing the Macrophile pawprint logo. "REDUCE, ABUSE & RECYCLE" reads a block-print legend beneath the graphic. The shirt's thin fabric hangs loosely over his flat chest and subtly rounded belly, two convex dimples and one concave one showing indicating the locations of his nipples and navel respectively. Clinging to his smooth, svelt rump and legs is the silk kilt, the glossy black fabric highlighting the flesh beneath as it swishes with each of the cat's graceful movements. It hugs his slender waist tightly, dipping beneath his tail to allow that active appendage to sway freely. Shiny silver buttons run down his right thigh, keeping the unusual, if feminine, garment clasped tightly. They're left teasingly undone from the knee-length hem to halfway up his thigh. Jeri's feet, though appearing plantigrade, act as digitgrade feet would, heels lifted slightly to keep only the balls of his feet on the floor. Long white athletic socks cover them from pawlike toes to the top of his calves, highlighting the curves of his long legs and keeping his feet cosy.