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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlexander (AlexOtter) Goldenpaw
SpeciesShort-clawed River Otter
Age8 (27 IRL)
Height4 feet
SummaryAn otter pup who loves having fun. What is standing before you is basicly an average otter pup, nothing really special about him either, he is me in all regards except for age and species.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShort and light coffee colored fur graces most of the slender body, a lighter brown underbelly. however, the paw pads are all a bit of a random mix between pink and black.
Hair ColourNone... well... the fur there is a light coffee colored but he doesn't really have hair as such.
Eye ColourVery dark brown/black.
ClothingWears absolutly nothing in clothing as he beleaves in two things 1) his fur is warm enough already and 2) beleaves everyone should have access to his body at any time for any reason.
AccessoriesWears a massive blue bow around his neck, a long silver chain looped twice over his wrist and also another one around his ankle.
WeaponryOccasionally can be seen running around with a paper sword.
Outstanding FeaturesMassive scarring under the fur on his wrists, ankles, neck and torso. Large deep hole in his tail tip where he was once bitten by a dragon in the past.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPlayfull, bordering on hyper however once its been made clear he's about to be used for yiff, he calms down and becomes quite the docile otter, the more aggresive and severe the Dom, the more he plainly enjoys being used.
BackgroundSpent most of his life wandering around clueless after he woke up in a gutter with no prior recollection of his past, not even a shred of clothing on his oddly well groomed body was restraints that had been weilded shut on his neck, ankles and wrists, he had these removed not long after by a talented blacksmith and now wanders about unsupervised and getting into trouble everywhere.
LikesLikes general tom foolery and playing about, being treated as a pet, slave, bitch, toy for general amussment etc by other males.
DislikesEmos and people who complain constantly about killing themselves to get attention, females as anything but friends.
OccupationUmmm.... Sex toy^^;

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