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Awesome pic by Wyldsyde! (Black and white for bandwith)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMacadrian Meris
GenderFemale (Alt as herm)
HeightBetween 20ft and 300ft tall
WeightInterviewer terminated *eatten*

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFloral-colored flesh, staring as blue at her head, slowly turning to purple along her torso and arms, slowly blending into a soft pink at her down her legs and ending white at her feet
Hair ColourA soft orange-cream color, kept in a cute lil bob-cut. Sometimes let her hair grow down to her lower-back, keeping it in a long, straight, slicked single lock.
Eye ColourGreen iris with black 'eye-whites' and white pupils.
ClothingRarely clothed as she lives in the sea, but has been known to wear a black bakini-top with mesh-like panco/shirt composed of small sea-shells and a pair of blue 'daisy-dukes'. Normaly nude in macro forms.
AccessoriesA giant hunk of iron from the side of a sunken ship with 'Titanic' on it made into a 'choker' with steel ancoring chains around her neck that she wears in her macro form.
WeaponryDo giant ship-sinking tentacles count?
Outstanding FeaturesOntop of having four arms (first set in the shoulder, second at the middle of her upper ribs), she also has eight tentacles coming from her back, two inches (compared to 6ft height) from her spine, purple at the start blending down into blue at the ends with a pink under-side. Four fingers, three toes

Personality & Background

PersonalityOften very protective of her ocean home in which she spends her time sinking and wrecking any ship that hunts anything bigger then lobsters. She is mostly a very kind and caring person, but still loves to cause mischief when she can.
LikesOsysters, long, often torrorized walks on the beach, swimming with dolphins, piggy-backing blue whales, and tormenting fishermen by stealing their bait.
DislikesBig nets, sea-hunting ships (fishing, whaling, ect), the Navy (often hunting her), humans in general, and people who litter on the beach.
LocationAnywhere wet
OccupationProtector of the sea
Additional InfoHas both gills and lungs, making the world her playground, with or without water.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteMissing surfers? Why no, admirald, I don