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Vital Statistics!

Character NameThe Hunter
SpeciesDemon Lizard
SummaryThe Hunter is a demonic assassin summoned via a sacrifical ritual to take out a sorcerer's more dangerous and well protected enemies. Once the hit has been accomplished, The Hunter will usually take a small trophy (usually a thumb or ear, maybe a tail) and vanish back to his own pocket dimension where he will wait to be summoned again. The relationship between The Hunter and his summoner is a flimsy one: if The Hunter breaks free he will turn on his summoner and embark on a rampage. The Hunter is also suspectible to bribes. If his target were to offer him more souls than his contractor he'll switch alliances without a thought.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey scales with blood red tattoos
Hair ColourBlack and spiky
Eye ColourWhite
ClothingBrass suit of armour, cloak made of collected skins, barbed wire gauntlets
AccessoriesNecklace of trophy thumbs, ears, tails and little skulls.
WeaponryGiant rusty butcher sword
Outstanding FeaturesPermanent manic grin, mile-wide killing streak, black horns

Personality & Background

BackgroundDemonologists suspect that The Hunter is either an entity created from the bloodlust of murdurers, or was created by a long dead sorcerer. If the second is true, The Hunter probably killed the sorcerer as revenge for being turned into a demon.
LikesKilling! Slaughter! And looking damn sweet while doing it!
DislikesNot getting paid. No sir, he does not like that.
LocationDepends on where he's summoned and where his target is. He'll take the most direct route to his target, killing whatever and whoever gets in his way.
OccupationProfessional demonic assassin.