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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePatashu (Mech. Nightmare Form)
SpeciesMechanical Anthro Nightmare
Height100 feet
WeightDozens of tons?
SummaryLooming overhead is an anthro mechanical equine of collosal proportions, standing at a height of precisely 100ft/30.48 metres. Hir body is layered with well-maintained steel plates with a thick coat of black paint, gleaming in the sun. The armour traces out a powerful, shire-like, well-muscled body. You notice that sie must be a robotic nightmare when you spot hir mane, composed of a large mass of fibre-optic wires with flamethrower nozzles mounted among them, the mane appearing to be a continually-blowing blaze from a distance. The tail is similar, fiber-optic wires tied around a multisegmented steel pole with many more of the flamethrowers installed. Looking back up you spy hir spherical steel breasts jutting out of hir body, capped with large rubber nipples. Also, broad silver-coloured smokestacks jut out of hir back, belching columns of thick and dark smoke into the sky. Glassy red orbs lay in hir eyesockets, refocusing every now and then with the clicks of metal shutters as roaring blasts of steam escape her nostril piping. Hir arms and hands are expertly crafted so as to retain dexterity, the fingers capped with rubber. Your eyes wander, down her well-rounded metal tummy. Strapped around hir torso is a large chainmail loincloth, swaying slightly in the wind. Hir pleasureably shaped rump sways from side to side as sie walks on hir legs, oversized to accommodate for hir massive bulk, over a hundred tons easily. Gently glowing hooves clang boomingly against the ground with every step, hir location made known for miles around.

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