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Some fur call for a limo driver? (Old reference)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMiles E. Traysandor
SpeciesGinormous Kitsune
Age305 (Kitsune age), ~30 (Human equivalent)
Height6 foot 2 / 75 feet (common). Can change to other sizes.
Weight210 lbs, or A LOT more when macro-sized.
SummaryYour not-so-typical friendly cute furry with FOUR tails! Oh, and did I mention I'm quite officially single too... See also: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/traysandor

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue, with white belly, paws, and feet.
Hair ColourBlue.
Eye ColourBlue
Clothing[Suit Form]Black chauffeur's hat, Black suit jacket, black / dark blue tie, black dress pants and dress shoes. [Normal form] Generally normal human clothing. Changes depending on the weather and current mood
AccessoriesMiles usually doesn't wear special accessories unless there's a reason for it, like a special occasion or something.
WeaponryMiles prefers not to use weapons if he can help it, but should the need arise, he can use his Kitsune magic to produce any weapon you can possibly imagine, real or fictional. He can also combine weapons with his kitsune magic to produce stronger versions of known weapons.
Special AbilitiesMiles, being a magical kitsune, can utilize the powers of fire and ice, and other elements as he sees fit, though this is generally just used for show and to make his friends more comfortable. He can also change size at will (bigger or smaller), and can manipulate the objects around him to some extent, most notably the size, gender, and clothing of a person near him.
Outstanding FeaturesHis size. =)

Personality & Background

PersonalityIs a very gentle and friendly fur, especially when macro-sized. Generally in a fairly good mood most of the time; occasionally depressed when feeling lonely. Very rarely seen angry. Be advised to stay away from said fur if he's angry though.
BackgroundAsk him about it and he'll fill you in.
LikesMaking new friends, beinga generally happy and friendly person to be around, snuggling all kinds furs -- big or small, doesn't mind the occasional romance/love scene in RP form.
DislikesAnything with alcohol in it, cigars/cigarettes, bossy people, clean/neat freaks, overly religious people, most violence, vore, and certain other things/people types that I'll know when I see them.
LocationGreater Lowellynlland or Swandelle, Grand Traysandor (fictional)
OccupationAwesomely Friendly Macro-sized Limousine Driver
Additional InfoBased on an actual person, and is the closest representation of the actual player.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Whomever said that Adulthood was all the rage... should be taken and shot in front of a grand stage"

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