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Hath' loves Bio.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameHathor Serantis
Summaryhttp://rprofiles.nexisonline.net/index.php/User:Hathor For the sake of it. Anyway, Hathor looks to be a typical purple and blue coloured anthro cat, yet she is in fact an alien from another planet. A Queen of an Empire, lost from their own Galaxy, trying to find a way to power their planet-ship in order to return home. Unfortunatly they are having problems with that, and Hathor has remained on Earth for sometime, long enough to make plenty of friends, and fall in love with a male dragon; Bio. Best friends include Biotress, Yuki, CaSquall, Ashes, Eira, Mustapha, Hedj and Blizzard.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHathor's main body colour is a soft lilac colour, companied with a light blue colour which stretches from her face down across her breasts, stomach and upper thighs. Dark violet covers her arms, legs, hands and feet, and stripes her tail along with lilac.
Hair ColourHer ears are lilac and tipped with dark violet. She has short, dark violet coloured hair which sticks outwards, and has a long fringe, parted so the dark violet stripe on her forehead is visible. The rest of her forehead is lilac and her muzzle is light blue with a tiny pink nose and black whiskers.
Eye ColourShe has beautiful, wide open green eyes and darker green irises. They often seem to shine like emeralds in the sunlight.
ClothingShe does not tend to wear clothing anymore, besides the odd wear of a long brown overcoat, similar to that of The Doctor's.
AccessoriesAround her neck is her golden collar. She never removes it, for it contains technology which is important to her. It holds shruken forms of both her Golden Staff (see weaponry) and her air board. The air board allows her to travel though the sky, much like the Extreme Gear on Sonic Riders. The collar also contains her races' telecommunication devices, which allows her to talk to other people through her mind, as long as they are wearing their communicators. She is also able to summon a ship at any time and have it beam her up, just as long as she wears the collar.
WeaponryHathor is able to charge up electricity within her body and release it in various ways. She can become charge and simply touch a person, can form small lightning clouds above and strike lightning at a target, or blast it from her body. She also carries the golden staff, which can release a hybrid of ice and electrical attacks, and plasma attacks. There is also a dangerous blade hidden in the heavy base, which she can also swing at an enemy.
Outstanding FeaturesThe most distinguishing feature of Hathor would be the fact that she doesn't wear any clothes at all. She wasn't always comfortable walking around naked in her summer coat, but she became use to it. Her organs and inner body tissues are all blue, along with her nipples, tongue, mouth and belly button.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHathor is generally a friendly and caring person, she would hope to aid those in trouble, especially if it gave her something to do and she was most likely to benefit from helping. She does not hate easily, even her enemies, but she is able to hold grudges for a long time and a strong disliking to some people, mainly those who would hurt others just to see them fall in agony. Species who would attempt to take over those lesser advanced in technology would also fall under her dislike list, unless, of course, they were a benefit for the lower species. At times she gets fed up from hanging around a species which does not understand her own technology, she is not one for liking to repeat herself over and over again. This excludes her lover, since she seems to enjoy trying to teach him how to use her technology, even if he doesn’t tend to understand it much. She is smart and quick witted in most cases, but her judgement can often be clouded, especially if she is part of an event which her friends or lover are involved in. She would most defiantly take their side and stand up for them, even if they were in the wrong. Her temper is also quick to rise, especially when someone close is in trouble of being hurt. She has been seen to own a cold and sadistic nature, praying mostly on the human race and taking out her anger upon them. Such a case would be when they locked up Bio as a suspect for killing his own daughter. It appeared that only Hathor and his friends believed that he would never do such a thing. The hatred Hathor then gained for the human race had caused her to savagely run over innocent pedestrians while upon her new technology and break into a prison to help release Bio. When after causing harm, she is then quick to get upset over her actions, feeling the need to begin helping people again and put things right. She enjoys her alone time, especially to sit quietly in a countryside, with the weather not to hot. Adventuring is important to her, and becoming stranded in a whole new galaxy is not such a bad thing. But most of all, she prefers to just sit alone with Bio, and spend as much time with him as possible. She can still be rather mysterious to some people.
BackgroundHathor was born on the planet Katia located in the Andromeda galaxy on March 8th, 1988. Her parents named her after the legend Goddess who was much loved around the galaxy, they gave her the name to hopefully bring good luck to the family, and more importantly, the world. When she was born, the planet was already stuck in a harsh situation, having been home to an ice age for thousands of years, but the race learned to adapt. But the ice and snow wasn’t the biggest problem; they also suffered from the dark and raging race of Shadow Creatures who were demanding to take over the entire galaxy and have everyone worship, or better yet, work for them, the Katians had always managed to keep them away though. Since she was born into royalty, Hathor was taught everything that was important for the job of a future empire leader, learning to fly ships and learning how to become a good leader. She was becoming a great future leader, but deep down inside she did not enjoy being pushed into it. While one day wandering around the domed city of Katia, she sat and thought about things. She wanted to explore and have an adventure, but she was stuck inside the great, cold city. On that same day she was able to realise her hidden ability; she was able to control and withstand against electricity. This was mostly thanks to one of her Guardians; Venus McFly; the wife of Hathor’s other guardian, Martin McFly. Venus had suggested that something else had to lie within the Princess’s soul, and it did. Marty and Venus helped her to get use this new ability, and learn to use it like an experienced fighter. Overtime, Hathor was becoming stronger, smarter and fitter, but the Shadow Race was also planning an attack. On her fifteenth birthday, Hathor was allowed to take command of a ship and explore the nearby solar system with her two guardians. This gave her the chance to get use to space flight much better, since before she had only been allowed to circle the planet. She came across the burning planet known as Inferno Firma. Her race and the Infernians had been allies for many years, but it was not often that one would visit the planet of another, mainly because of the difference of climate. The Infernians, a race of demons had not only agreed to become allies because of the threat from the Shadow Race, but also because they feared the Katians. Only one of them did not. Once landing on the surface, the three were greeted by dark looking creature called Demon Twilight. He was the prince of Inferno Firma, but hated it with a passion. He left his home, and angry father, hoping to get away with the crew from Katia. Hathor pitied him by how she also disliked being forced into things, and against the warnings of Marty and Venus, she took him home with them. Demon’s nature was viscous, much like the rest of his species, but besides that he was able to get along with everyone apart from Marty. The two appeared to become rivals, both having similar strengths and appearances and both being able to control opposite elements. Both of them shared similar anger problems, and were easy to wind up, this caused them to fight often. No matter how much Hathor and Venus tried, they could not help them become friends, but they did manage to help them call a truce at times when their fighting was unnecessary or when they needed to work together. A year or so later, the entire planet had been warned about a solar flare which was occurring from their sun. Both Katians and Shadow Creatures own the technology to help them detect such things. They work a lot like a weather device, and can detect the happenings within the sun and predict its future to a short extent. The only problem for the Katians was that because of the solar flare, they were unable to detect what was going on behind it. At this moment, the Shadow Race had chosen to attack, after years of creating a powerful warship; The Purge. All of this was unknown to the Katians right up until the last moment, when the ship fired a powerful electro magnetic beam upon the planet, knocking down the city’s protective force shield. They then fired upon them with similar weapons, obviously stolen an upgraded from the Katians. For the first time in many years, Katia was struggling to hold up against a foe, even with the help of the Infernian’s, who soon turned tail and ran as their powers against the Shadow Race were becoming depleted. All Katians were ordered to be beamed to the Alkarious mother ship; their power and glory and most advanced ship known to them. Hathor, Marty, Venus and Demon, however, boarded a small warship and headed out unknowingly to try and disable the Purge. This ended up in tears, though, as an enemy vessel crashed into the ship, setting it on fire from a huge blast. Everyone but Venus was able to escape the explosion, and Marty ended up witnessing her fatal death. The Alkarious was able to beam the rest up in time before the ship crashed and burned into the atmosphere. As the planet began to burn, and more people were dying, the only two vessels left was the Alkarious and the System, the two ships which were able to connect together and enter hyperspace in a weak attempt to escape the carnage. Upon exiting, the race realised that they were no longer in the same galaxy anymore. The stars were placed differently, and the computers recognised nothing. And how they could have ended up flying so far was a mystery, considering how neither ship had a super drive to take them to a different galaxy in the small amount of time. And even worse, they were unable to return. They had left with little supplies of such powerful energy needed for that sort of travel. It would take them hundreds of years to return. They realised the only thing that they could do was to explore the galaxy they were now stranded in. Thinking that perhaps they would be able to come across a planet which breeds the energy crystals they need for super travel. One planet they came across had high powers of energy being emitted from it, so Hathor took her crew to explore the surface. The planet was a home world of Goa’uld; serpent like creatures which would enter the body of a humanoid and use them as a host, controlling them and using them for their evil ways. Even though the crew did not land anywhere near where the host Goa’uld and their slaves were, they landed near a small lake where the younger Goa’uld was living. As Hathor went to take a quick drink from the pool, she was unknowingly infested by a young serpent known as L’sea. Although it was far too young to take over Hathor’s body and mind, it was obvious that it existed inside, but because of the way it had attached itself, the Katians were unsure of how to remove it. It was a new species to them after all. Hathor left it inside, seemingly being able to stop it from taking her over anyway. Finding nothing, the race moved on, desperate to at least find a planet they could live upon. They eventually came across the small planet, Earth, located in a small Solar System of eight other planets. Realising that this was probably their best hope, the Alkarious ship remained in far orbit around the planet, obviously cloaked and hidden from detection, while the System – along with Hathor’s parents, left in order to explore the rest of the galaxy. Hathor had been left in charge of the Alkarious, leaving her as a Queen. She then took a small cloaked fleet down to Earth with over two hundred Katians to begin secretly exploring the inhabited planet. The Katians were easily able to learn quite a bit from the planet, mostly by downloading nearly all of the internet’s information sources into the Alkarious and spreading it throughout every ships computer. They were also able to fit in easily because they resembled the Earth’s anthros a lot. Hathor was even able to form an alliance with a secret government agency of Britain through a smart British fruit bat anthro called Samantha. She even updated the crew’s main ship so she was also able to join in with helping them learn and more importantly, to get home again one day. Hathor began to explore the Earth along with her crew; Martin McFly, Samantha Carter, and Demon Twilight. Samantha was a great help for learning about locations, languages and information on various continents. Still, all they obtained was information of the planet itself, and small amounts about the galaxy they were now stuck in. Eventually the crew landed upon the strange island of SoaH. It drew them in due to its weird ability to travel along the currents of the Atlantic Ocean, and probably because of this, it contained many different types of people. Hathor thought that perhaps an answer to the Katian’s problem could occur there. Unfortunately for the entire race, it did not hold the key to help them get back to their own Galaxy, but Hathor was able to make a lot of friends, her most trusted being a husky anthro named Blizzard. They quickly became good friends and often met up for events. He too seemed to be a wanderer. She then happened to one day bump into Bio, a blue dragon. The two soon became attached to each other, almost as if it was destiny that they were meant to meet, and became lovers. Quickly Hathor realised that she would hope to spend the rest of her life with him, and believed him to be her soul mate. She had never felt such love for anyone before, and time proved that she would even die for him. Eventually she offered him a place within her leadership if they were ever to return to Andromeda; it would seem that Bio would stick with her no matter what happened. Along with meeting Bio, she also became acquaintances with Biotress and Blue Death. Biotress being Bio’s flatmate, and far easier to make friends with unlike BD, and BD being an ex-Hellian, a race which Hathor learnt of with the help of all three of them. Unlike most people, however, Hathor does not fear BD that much, as they do get along at times. Their ‘friendship’ was also aided by the fact that Demon and BD fell in love with each other. Hathor began to spend time in The Mating Room, not using it for what it was generally for of course, but she did meet up with Yuki there who also became a close and trusting friend, not to mention he was also fun to spend long hours with, just talking and laughing. Hathor was quickly becoming more adapted to the ways of the Earth. Over time she made more friends too, but also ended up making a couple of enemies. None of them proved to be much of a bother to her though, and some she had only come across once or twice, having forgotten about them in recent times. But there is one who continues to be a threat. Renee Condor, AKA, RenCon the alien hunter. She has the knowledge which to destroy Hathor or at least put her in danger. Her ability to fly away and shield her ships under cloak throws the panther off track very often, and since she only seems to stay located within SoaH City, Hathor does not have much of a problem with encountering her anymore. A long while before Biotress and Bio moved to San Francisco, Hathor had ended up getting pregnant by Bio and giving birth to a dragon egg. Once the baby hatched out, she appeared to be part dragon, and part feline. Bio and Hathor agreed to name her after Venus, and took care of her like the loving parents they were. Sadly, the evil Hellian; Blaydsah was hunting nearby Bio’s house, caught the scent of the newly born flesh, broke into the house and devoured her. Hathor had been away as it happened, spending time with her friends after not seeing them for awhile, but she returned home to find remains of her baby, and her love arrested as a suspect. Being the pitiful law of SoaH City that was, Bio was accused for killing his own child. Depressed and angry, Hathor got her hands on a new technology of hers; an air bored, and with Yuki’s help, broke into the prison and helped set Bio free. However, being in prison had caused him to become angry, he fled out the prison leaving Hathor alone and upset. Eventually though, they got over the tragedy and became the lovers they once were, perhaps the event made them even stronger together. This happened along side the time when Hathor and Marty helped Bio and Biotress move to San Francisco, a much nicer and brighter city than SoaH, a place where humans and anthro got along. These days, Hathor is back to exploring, but more on her own. Samantha got with Yuki and spent more time with him and in her own country, Demon seems to spend every single moment of his time with BD, and even Marty has stopped travelling alongside Hathor. She continued to make friends though, with one day she met up with a black and red, serpent-like dragon called CaSquall, who is also an alien, and now along with Blizzard, they are currently starting out on a new adventure; trying to get a job.
LikesShips, exploring, drawing, reading, writing, cuddling up with her lover, meeting new friends, cold drinks, white wine, scotch, chocolate cake, meat, computers, arcade games, the internet, animals, pleasuring Bio in all ways, having Bio pleasuring her.
DislikesArguments, slow vehicles, nuts, biting insects, too much warmth, gun fights, riots, busy areas of town, being away from her love, not seeing her friends for ages, vegetables, corrupted drones, getting drunk, having other men chatting her up, having drunk women chat her up, Yuki's jokes.
LocationEngland most of the time, yet she also visits her love in San Francisco, or stops at a city called SoaH.
OccupationExplorer. Empire leader. It is her job to lead the remaining Katians through any trouble.
Additional InfoHathor's love and soul mate is Bio, shown on the right. They have been together for almost two years and it appears that she would do anything for him - even never return to her home galaxy forever unless she can find a way to get there in short amounts of time. She had a child with him; called VJ (named after Venus), but the baby only had a short life after being murdered by the Hellian; Blaydsah. If Hathor becomes too overly charged with electricity (for example; if she was to be struck by lightning) instead of dying, she transforms into a crazy, more blue form of herself known as Madness. She has little to no control over her actions, yet she doesn't always attack people.

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