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The wolf in question

Vital Statistics!

Character NameOdin Ashcroft
SpeciesAmerican Gray Wolf (canis lupus)
AgeDue to malfunction in records, unknown
SummaryRecords are varying on the history of the wolf: Earliest accounts have him working in a petite women clothing store, working on various stories while managing his time tinkering inventions. This is where history splits. Some say he went onto to live in England with some friends, going on to cause some interesting and size related havoc in the UK. Others say he was recruited by a tall and equine memember of the United States many crime familys, which is still under investigation. Other, more popular beliefs, believe he was recruited into what may be considered as a pure comic book fantasy, becoming a memember of the Inner Council to the Tech Lord Anarchitiect, who heads the criminal empire known as A.N.A.R.C.H Of course, reports have conflicted either of these possible origins, as the wolf has been seen in various locations, even documents times where he has shifted onto another Earth entirely, or been reshaped/remade in that universes image. But the general characteristics and behavior seems to survive over time. More research is needed at this time... Please note that in most of his conflicting incarnations, this wolf always harbors a forbidden love and passion to shrink number upon number of fur and scaly femmes, either as experimenting with new size alteration devices, or to play around with (Nothing too kinky, but he does have a foot fetish...)...well, everybody's got to have a hobby...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFrom head to foot, gun powder gray fur.
Hair ColourWell....See picture
Eye ColourSky blue
ClothingChanges daily, but casually: tan brown trenchcoat, with matching fedora.Blue jeans, and black shining dress shoes. Shirtless, but who cantell with that coat, only takes it off at home or special occasions dictate it
AccessoriesPlenty. Ranging from sci-fi ray guns to magic books to alchmemic potions, all with different effects, but given his preferences...a lot of them tend to shrink others...
WeaponryRayguns, power gauntlets...any thing his mind can concieve and hands can create...all thats stops him is his imagination...
Outstanding FeaturesNot so much

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, joking, serious very little of the time, loyal, and caring. But, can be sarcastic and witty to the point of slight irratation...
BackgroundInformation pertaining Odin Ashcroft's history prior to his actions as far back as four years ago is unknown due to dire and massive record disruption, people's complete histories wiped cleaned thanks to an unknown computer virus....
LikesFriends,Family,Roomies, Inventing, Reading, Writing,comic books, Pranks, and shrinking/otherwise transforming others On the kinkier side, admits enjoying watching gradual shrinking process occur, as women shrink slowly out of their clothes, specifically pertaining to his foot fetish, slowly out any form of footwear. Also apply average foot sluttish kinks, and you have him right on the money.
DislikesCruel people who hurt people for the sake of hurting others or just unadultered hate.
LocationAt this writing, Perhaps hes in the United States, the secret Empire of A.N.A.R.C.H. or even on Earth 45...who knows?
OccupationVarious: Mad Scientist/Alchemists, Interdimensional space/time traveler, fledging comic artist, petite women clothing store employee, Inventor and Freelance Fiction Writer
Additional InfoNone to be revealed...as of this writing....

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"There can never be enough four/three foot tall furry or scaly femmes in the world and you know that...now hand me that shrink ray..."

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