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Character NameLianne
Heightsix feet seven inches
SummaryLianne is a wonderfull example of a zebra. her body is very well built, but not overly bulky to the point of being ugly. She stands about six and a half feet tall but her mohawk stile mane stands up another foot or so. It bends and sways as she moves and somehow it always stays up. Her furr looks like it has been well taken care of for what its worth. you can't do very much on your own after all. Looking down her body, you come to her chest that stands out at a good 45 DD, caped with pink nipples that have a ring threw each of them. down between her legs, her pussy also has rings threw it. Each labia has two rings threw it, as well as one ring threw the clit hood itself. She is a friendly zebra normaly but she is very held back and is rather submissive when someone stands up to her.