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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDrella
Heightjust over six feet
SummaryDrella is your basic canine, standing just over 6 feet tall on digitrade legs. Her body is highly feral in form and she is clearly just as comfterable on two of four legs. Her furr is very lush and clearly well taken care of. the coloring is that of a timber wolf. Her head is nearly all dark grey save for the white patch of furr on her muzzle and cheeks, makeing it look like she is wareing a grey furr helmet on her head. Her body is colored in the same fassion, mid to dark grey on her back, changeing to white as it reaches her underbelly. As you look her over, you come to notice that she has quite a large rack, standing out an an impressive E cup. At the moment, she is totaly naked, showing every curve and swell of her body to the world.