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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAurora
SpeciesPalomino Horsey crossed with Dragon
SummaryAurora is a crossbreed between a dragon and an palomino horse, usually wearing a really short short skirt or jeans, a tight shirt, jacket, bridle, collar, and a soft choc brown leather bag with things in it :)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Coloursoft light caramel coloured fur
Hair Coloura long soft mane of creamy white horsey hair
Eye Coloursilvery grey
Clothinga bridle with a shiny metal bit and two reins knotted together behind her back, sometimes padlocked tight, sometimes not, a pink jacket, light brown pants with a tail hole, a little white ribbon wrapped around the base of her tail keeping hairs from getting caught in her pants, and bandages around her ankles like racehorses!
AccessoriesA backpack full 'o stuff, including a pair of prosthetic hooves for her arms so she can run around like the other horseys, and a saddle too, and a bottle of mares milk from mum
WeaponryHooves! ^_^
Outstanding FeaturesHer strong pointy glass horns coming from between her ears, able to sense movement through them, and they glow a little when she's involved in telepathy

Personality & Background

Personalitycuddly and playful but a little skittish
Backgroundcomes from scary places so little scary things make her remember big scary things sometimes so stuff like swearing can be very scary
LikesPouncing, snuggling, carrots, oats (with molasses!), being called a good pony
Dislikesscary stuff like swearing