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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBryan "SilverAutomatic" Darke
SpeciesBlack Wolf

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPure black fur. Two silver stripes on each ear. No other markings to speak of.
Eye ColourBlue.
ClothingSlightly baggy jeans and t-shirts are his normal attire.
AccessoriesHip holster.
WeaponryColt 1911 A1 w/ 45 ACP ammo. Laser sight and custome built gas ejection system to reduce recoil.
Outstanding FeaturesTwo silver stripes on each ear. A small almost unticeable scar on his left wrist.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's easy going. His big on honor. Be his friend or don't - there isn't much mittle ground here. He'll be nice to you if your nice to him, but if you cross or backstab him once, there won't be a trust there - ever again. When angered, he's known to become extremely quiet and almost calm.
BackgroundHe comes from a broken home. His father left the family when Bryan was three, after two years of beating his mother. His mother commited suicide when he was only five, leaving him alone with his grandparents who wanted nothing to do with him. At Seven he was adopted. He met Crystal in the eighth grade. Later, in their freshmen year of highschool, they became mates. At eighteen, he bid his foster family fairwell and left for San Fransisco when he lived with his mate until 22. At 22 their appartment building became the scene of an arson in which his mate died in. His foster parents died in a car accident a few months later. With nothing more to live for he attempted suicide. A friend found him passed out from blood loss in his car and quickly called paramedics. Shortly after getting out of the hospital and out of theorpy, he joined the military and served as a Navy SEAL for four years before joining a CIA Black Operations Team. He when not on a mission, he serves as a CIA Field Agent attached to Miami-Dade Police Department's Special Operation Team.
LikesPeople in general.
DislikesPeople in general. Confusing, eh?
LocationAge - Location 1 till 5 - Waterbury, Connecticut 6 till 7 - Oakville, Connecticut 7 till 18 - Austin, Texas 18 till 22 - San Fransisco, California 22 till Current - Miami-Dade, Florida
OccupationMilitary: Black Ops. Officer. CIA Field Agent Attacked to Miami-Dade PD.
Additional InfoHis mate died when he was 22. Smoke Inhalation after their

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Must be head-up-your-ass Monday... great, just great..."