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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHakuryu
SpeciesDragon - white
Agecalculated at 6500 similar to Kogenta
HeightHe's a foot & a half long. Tiny really.
WeightWeighs no more than a falcon or hawk would.
SummaryA small white dragon. Tiny really. Although his abilities far outweigh his size. Hakuryu is a very nice guy it's a pity he can't speak. He has two wings and like a bat has two rear legs but no front legs or arms to speak of. So winged, without arms limits this tiny dragon but he often doesn't mind.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite furry mane that stretches along his neck down to his body. His neck and tail takes about 3/4 of his total length. He's similar to an Eastern dragon. His scales are white as well.
Hair ColourNo head fur. But he does have aforementioned mane.
Eye ColourHis eyes are an eery red in colour although it does seem to change colour at times.
ClothingDoesn't wear clothes. Does like to play cute though. He's extremely sentient but cannot converse because he cannot speak beyond simple 'cheeps'
AccessoriesNone, well you could say that the fuel canister attached to his back when he's a jeep counts as an accessory.
WeaponryAside from his jeep form, none, although he can use his foot talons to rake faces.
Outstanding FeaturesThe most distinguishing feature is his ability to shape shift. Although the gods only blessed him with one feature. This was the ability to become a form of transportation. As magic evolved and time went on his shapeshift changed from a mighty steed, to a green jeep.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySimple, light hearted. Almost always happy it seems. Although he can be a little touchy when woken up while sleeping.
BackgroundQuite easy. His size made him a reasonable pet to anyone who found him, and so he was often spoiled by his many owners.
LikesKogenta. There is a long history between them. Also likes many people on sight as he is very friendly. His favourite thing is candy. He loves sweet things.
DislikesThose who harm him or his friend Kogenta. He's so kind natured that he wouldn't ever abandon a friend, or leave if he thought it might make someone sad.
LocationOften on Kogenta's shoulder or hovering nearby.
OccupationNone. What kind of occupation could a tiny dragon have?
Additional InfoHe doesn't try to do puppy eyes. He has mastered cuteness. It is near impossible to deny his wants.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteCheep!