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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDaisy Kathryne Taggart
SummaryJust one of my characters <3

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack as the day she was born, just like all other jackals, except no egyptian markings.
Hair ColourQuite long and messy black Anubian style hair, with each tail of the hair wrapped in two small red hair bands. One smaller strand of each of her hair is over her sholder. Frizzy unwrapped hair covering the forehead.
Eye ColourDeep orange in each eye, right eye is lighter due to slight solar burn at young age.
ClothingNormal lenght light blue tanktop/wifebeater, dark green army camo colored cargo/sweatpants mix. Dark grey Combat boots. Belt and a pair of long wrist lenght human skin tone beat up fingerless gloves, B+ plain white bra.
AccessoriesSmall packet of 3 fine cigars kept in the back of her belt. Iron hoop earring on her right ear, necklace with a vial of her son's blood when he was born shaped in a silver ankh that is upside down, and the arms of the ankh are curved torwards the hoop of the ankh. Holsters for her handguns and a small square belt buckle where she holds a zippo lighter inside of. Two tiny mechanisms with small flat bars pertruding from the exit port of the ammo; attached to the left and right of her belt, which portrude an infinite supply of her handguns. She also has a 4 wheel dune buggy that she changes from time to time, performance and appearance wise. Also has a pair of red circle sunglasses and a scarf which she uses to cover her face/nose during windstorms, but usually never wears it around
WeaponryAlthough she holds/aqquires many weaponry throughout her adventure, she begins off with an akimbo pair of Mauser C-96 Broomhandles, beat up and with green laser sights at the tip near the barrel. Handles are made out of wood (one handle is a lighter wood, the other is a darker wood), with the Initials LC carved into each one. They are named "Bęte De Beauté", which is french for "Beauty and Beast". Also with her is a Win-72 semi auto rifle which is strapped to her back with a sholder strap she wears. Looks like a winchester without the cocking handle, and acts simular to a bolt action rifle, but has the initials SD carved into the handle. Used for more jobs requiring distance. Unfortinately, no replenishers for this firearm. Also there's a small, long scope at the top. She also has an iron sickel as another "starting weaponry". Held by her belt, it is a bronzed titanium sickel with a handle made out of damascus metal.
Outstanding FeaturesMedium length ears aiming at a 45 diagonal degrees upwards. Smaller dark spots on her ears, and no spotz on her face. Canine like muzzle, and squinting/serious eyes. Medium-short eyelashes. Left ear has a peice of the upper right side of it bitten off. Dark purple semi long fingernails. 4 long toes on each foot. Small scar on her left cheek and right paw's palm. Her stance is tall and lanky due to a birth defect, so she often is seen slightly bending back when standing. She also has the unusual trait of her bloodline, because she can dislocate and relocate her arms/legs in different positons on the fly, though the standard position is most comphy. Quite athletic too, another species trait. Slightly wrinkly skin. She talks in a russian/jamacian accent. Due to an accident during the military involving her and pyroketnics, her tail is wrapped around tightly by medical cloth. Only the tip shows, which is completely dark due to the burns, but oddly enough, is quite frizzy. Slightly visible C-section scar on stomach (babies delivered this way).

Personality & Background

PersonalityCaring, wise, and loving only to those she has made friends with, to the rest, a forbrooding bitch.
BackgroundBorn on M-112, she has lived her life as a happy and cheerful kid with a wonderful family. That changed when she joined the military at 19, and then got raped at 21. As such, she spent alot of her time doing quite unlawful things, and growing deeper and darker until she had to run away with her newborn son. She had a daughter as well, but the doctors presumed that she was a stillborn. Nevertheless, she went on the run and has only been near her son for a year. Everything was smooth until she got hit from a stray meteorite and her ship, alongside with her son, crashed down on a place that would be deem unhabitable. When the ship crashed, it was near one steep cliff that led downward into a long canyon. Thinking it was the end, she got her son out of the ship, but before she could excape, she too went down. She didn't die, but her condition was so critial, she was inside a coma for 20 years. Now, a year after awakening at the age of 40, she travels the lands of the forgotten planet, doing whatever she can to find out where, or what happened to her son.
LikesCigars, shot of vodka when possible, water, tranquil nights, pyroknetics, modification of weaponry/ride, calmful nights, fireworks, servitude with loyalty, and a friend who, once stood the tests that bind, to be there with them till the end of time. She also has a lust to be dominitive, and even causing pain just for the hell of it and to whomever she pleases.
DislikesBeing subserviant and demanded to do the work she is given unless there's a reason provided as to why forceful reasoning is needed, being lied/betrayed to, running out of depletable rescorces, mentioning her son in a negative tone.
LocationPlanet E-421 sector 70. The majority of it being a dead wasteland with plenty of craters, gigantic and small, there are patches of life on the planet. The whole quator is one giant deep dark blue icy spiked land, even creating what appears to be a 1000 mile-wide wall blocking each hemisphere from each other, and at a lenght all around the planet, it is a cold blue land, with a constant dark icy blue sky. The planet has some very quirky weather, and is quite frequent to multiple tornados. Mostly flat though, except for some few plateus and rock formations here and there, and the occasional dying tree. Dotted on the planet are cities/towns/camps which house the local residents, and there are plenty of odd landmarks/landmasses from time to time. A gooey jello-like purplish water sprinkles around the world like small lakes. 4 Bluish moons and two suns circle the planet, but always has a beautiful starry sky to encase it.
OccupationFreelancer/mercinary/mechanic. She'll take any job, as long as it pays well, or is payed in useful things/information about her son and her friends.
Additional InfoSkilled in many perfessional forms of combat, both ranged, melee, and hand to hand. A mechanic with a quirk for making things just more painful. Besides being just a skilled acrobat, she enjoys climing alot, and can swim efficiently. Has a nack for monicles and a nice cozy solitude. She also can dance her ceremonial race dance quite well, she even enjoys her culture's clothing far more then her militaristic look, but until that time, she's stuck as is.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Wicked be the ways of men", "Welcome to this lovely little paradise" and "If you're blue and you don't know where to go to why don't you go where fashion is, puttin on the ritz!" :P

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