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Scream in his usual situation

Vital Statistics!

Character NameScream
SpeciesFox crossbreed
Height185cm no bigger and no smaller
SummaryScream has been around for over a year now... and has been drawing fur ever since. DH biking also plays a big part of scream's life. Half Fox, half wolf (beleived so) Scream is quite different from ordinary foxes -

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark clay orange and fade white, almost grey.
Hair ColourDarker orange on the nozzle, around the eyes, and back. Lighter all round.
Eye Colournut brown
Clothingusually recongnised in White and yellow shirt with a pair of simple dark blue jeens - sometimes with a full face helemt.
AccessoriesFull face helmet The downhill bike - http://img.epuls.pl/clubs/pictures/424/424130_l.jpg
Weaponrybikes... does that count? there is always a possibility of running people over... and of course the helmet... always a good use.
Outstanding FeaturesNothing that special

Personality & Background

Personalitygenerally quiet, respectfull, likes to laught.
BackgroundScream's background remains unknown...
LikesGirls and Bikes
Dislikesarrogance, and jealousy
OccupationScream's occupation is to basically survive at the moment...
Additional Infodid i mention i had a helmet? a full face helemt? oh god... i better watch my spelling.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI swear to beer, i didnt drink god...

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