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My lame MS paint pic, I never claimed to be an artist! =@_@=

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaxwell Raltir
HeightAbout 6' tall, but your experience may vary =^_^=
WeightLight... =>_>;=
SummaryA slender raccoon boy of slightly below average height with vibrant green eyes, Max is a playful, often silly critter who just likes to make other's smile. He seems to shape change a bit, though not into other species, but rather in size and sometimes shape as well, depending on mood and general playfulness.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey and black fur.
Hair ColourSomewhat frazzled black/brown headfur between his black, triangular ears.
Eye ColourA vibrant green!
ClothingOften wears fairly generic black jeans and a grey t-shirt, but can often appear wearing many different sets of clothing or other things!
AccessoriesAlways found wearing a fairly close fitting bath-tub chain type necklace, with a small paw print medallion hanging from it of silvery metal and matte black paint.
WeaponryOften doesn't bring weapons into play, but he seem's to have a bottomless pit of anything and everything within his bushy tailfur.
Outstanding FeaturesMaskfur wraps fully around his head, triangular ears and, when he's not wearing pants or underwear, a black fur spot, round and about the size of a quarter is plainly visible on his left hip/bottom area.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, bouncy... perhaps even hyper-reactive at times. Generally very playful and easy going, however, but can become fiercely protective of his friends or things he holds dear.
BackgroundTo steal a quote from 'Askaninja', tweaked slightly to be relevant... Max's background is more confusing than Allen Green skiing backwards downhill into a blackhole made of laffer curves.
LikesVideo games old and new, most kinds of music, reading and writing, action movies, sour candy, the colors green, red and blue, though not really all together and acting silly for the entertainment of others!
DislikesDrugs & smoking, hot peppers, rubix cubes *shakes paw fist*, political debates, an inordinate amount of piercings, horror movies, the word 'meh' and ego trippers.
LocationSomewhere in Canada! Ask and a more specific direction may be revealed! =^_^=
OccupationSales Associate.. =o_o=
Additional InfoMight be considered 'magically delicious', but is clearly not for eating!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Ha HA! Lobster has crabs!"

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