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Surprise! Im wearing clothes!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRayne Alexandra
SpeciesDemon. Specifically, a Succubus.
GenderFemale (shapeshifter
Weight139 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourIve got rather pale skin, and tanning doesn't work for me. Hehe.
Hair ColourBright, bright, unnatural red.
Eye ColourSame color as her hair, only with a little backlighting, unless shes angry, at which point they glow brightly.
ClothingWell, she enjoys being nude.... But when you do find her wearing clothes, she usually wears fashionable clothing. Or lingerie. Or pajamas. Depends on how lazy shes feeling. :P
AccessoriesRayne has a black choker with a large red pendant that she never removes. It is a prison of sorts, for things she needs to keep hidden. Ask her about it if you want.
WeaponryDemonic claws. Shifting wings that become scythes, spears, tentacles, etc. Incredible strength. Accomplished Cleric and Sorceress. Goddess of Pain, Pleasure, Life, and Death. And to top it off, two actual weapons, one of which never leaves her chokers prison. The bound one is called the Bloodletter. It is a whip made of godsteel barbed wire, with incredible enchantments. A horribly evil sentient weapon, anyone who is whipped by it becomes possessed, and starts to flay thier own skin off. The other weapon is a magical scythe, named Sin Harvest. Capable of shearing completely through even the strongest, thickest, and most heavily enchanted armors, Sin Harvest is the epitomy of Death's Scythe. A single touch from its red brilliant energy blade will be lethal.
Outstanding FeaturesShe has 2 pairs of wings, one large pair on her back, and a small pair on her head. Both sets of wings are highly morphic, so dont be surprised if you see her with tentacles or scythes growing out of her back. She has a tail, but be careful. It bites.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShes very easy going and flexible, but if her mind is set, she can be tenacious. Since shes a succubus, you'll have to forgive her if she talks about sex alot. Afterall, she DOES feed on the sexual energys of mortal beings.....
LikesDark chocolate, nice people, sex, debating topics that shes interested in, learning new stuff, talking with peoples.
Dislikesmean people, feet, vore, fighting (most of the time)
OccupationBesides Queen of all Succubi, and a Goddess of life, death, pleasure, and pain, she spends her time relaxing and having fun.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Eternity is lonely, please keep me company..." ~Morrigan Aensland~