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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIhddn
Height5' 11
Weight135 lbs
SummaryA dragon-hare hybrid with dark bronze eyes, in actuallity female, but you cannot tell by looking at her. Fairly avergae height but of a lanky build. She is always friendly, maybe a bit too much.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur which is on her: head, upper chest and upper back as well as her legs and footpaws, is a dappled grey. Her scales which are on her reptilian muzzle are ruby red with a dark blue rim, though they change with her moods.
Hair ColourNone specifcally that isn't her normal fur
Eye ColourA dark reflective bronze color
ClothingPants and A shirt of off-white canvas material, no foot coverings, they would be wrecked with her hopping anywho.
AccessoriesShe carries a small compass like device.
WeaponryNone to speak of.
Outstanding FeaturesShe is not visibly sexed at all, she doesn't have breasts and her scales blend together exceptionally well that without very close inspection she would appear to be neuter.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHer species lives in small colonies of 30-40 members, so she is always happiest when around others, but she also is wary of too many advances, for she knows her own secrets.
BackgroundShe was placed on the planet by the system overlords, implanted into her mother artificially she fromed from a base structure and her mothers DNA, she cannot have children of her own, and her purpose is to watch over her colony planet, though it is so far out they haven't tried to contact her as of yet. She can implant an egg like her own into any other species to create more constructs, but has only done this once, during the heat of passion with her first mate.
LikesEnjoys spices, the scent, the flavor, the texture everything about them; growing up in a desert will do that to a girl. Romance, she is an absolute sucker for romantic acts.
DislikesDarkness and Silence
OccupationShe works as waitress in the central city Mooira.

Just for Fun

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Favourite Quote"The Devil, the Devil, the king of the revel, the murder media and rot. We must go further than the media murder to never be forgot.

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