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Vital Statistics!

Character NameXenosniper E-3110
SpeciesMetachon; Longhorn Body
GenderBody: Neuter // AI:
AgeBody: 6 // AI: 19
Height20.9 feet

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourXenos's reinforced metalic infrastructure is adequately hidden under a layer of synthetic 'skin' developed as a disguise for all other 'projects' similar to him; crafted by the best bio-contructors in the galaxy, it was designed to be flawlessly life-like, with warmth, softness, and even the feeling of a pulse in some parts. Originally it was planted a solid pale green, but after the war ended and once Xenos had more time to contemplate about himself instead of his duties, he requested that he be colored differently. So his skin was injected with different colored die to give him a more realistic appearance. His underbelly was kept the same pale, almost white, green, but the rest of his body was dyed a more basic green, darkening slightly as it neared his spine. Then a wavy line of very dark pine green, almost black in color, runs down along his spine and tail.
Hair ColourBeing modeled after the longhorn, a parasaurolophus looking creature, Xenos has no hair, or fur anywhere for that matter. Though the coloration of his head is rather intriguing. The skin on his face is mostly a slightly lighter green than the skin on his sides. The top of his snout as large arcing horn is completely black, and between the black and green is a very thin line of dark grin like that on his spine; an upside-down ocean crest shape curves from this are and around the outside of his eyes.
Eye ColourAll of the combat analysis protocols and programs have been removed from his eyes so he can see everything as an organic being could; except his still retains the ability to scan others or items in order to jog his memory if he forgets someone or something, which is somewhat often. From an onlooker, though, his fiberoptic eyeballs appear to be normal as well, with emerald green irises that gleam in the light.
ClothingXenos obviously wears no clothes; though Xenos is mainly referred to as a 'he', it's only because of the AI. Xenos is a decommissioned battle-mech.
AccessoriesSee distinguishing features
WeaponryYeah, what Accessories said.
Outstanding FeaturesEverything about the way he looks makes him looks like any other of his kind; everything, except for the large dual laser cannons attached to arms to protrude from his back, and the pair of jets that are molded into the skin on the back of his legs. Blatant give-away that he is not completely organic. Being a formal machine-o-war, Xenos was originally outfitted with these weapons and transportive devices to help manuever speedily through the battle field while fighting; luckily now he has been able to deactivate the cannons on his back, only reactivating them in an emergency situation of some sort. He's decided to keep the hover-jets; they're rather fun.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFor being an intimidating battle mecha with large guns spawning from his back, Xenos is surprisingly shy when it comes to meeting new people, probably due to the fact that he does not want to be viewed as a dangerous threat due to how he looks. But after he makes friends he is very loyal and playful, offering smaller friends rides on his back, and nuzzling next to friends his size or larger
Likessparring and going to shooting ranges (still a war machine at heart, but a benevolent one); being with friends and making them feel happy and safe
Dislikeswar; fighting out of hatred of any kind
OccupationSeeing is that there is no real need for a decommissioned war mecha anywhere yet, Xenos currently has no job.