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November 18, 2018, 09:54:35 AM
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If you want to see the rest you'll have to ask me on IRC. Yes, it's a full nude. Artwork 1999 by FoxBunny.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameLymril
SpeciesSpotted Linsang.
SummaryFrom an old FurServ desc: Lymril is a linsang; a small, lithe, delicate creature from Asia that looks something like a cat and a bit like a weasel. Her golden fur is patterned with spots along her back and sides that blend into rings around her long, thick tail. Her sheer silk clothing floats about her like a fine mist.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTawny with blotchy spots of chocolate brown.
Hair ColourJust the usual linsang-type stuff.
Eye ColourBrown.
ClothingMake it silk or make it nothing!
WeaponryMajor attitude when annoyed.
Outstanding FeaturesNothing special.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUnder construction.
DislikesHaving to work in a thunderstorm.
LocationUnited States.
OccupationMental Institution. Um, do I have to actually *work* there for it to qualify as an occupation?
Additional InfoYou can find me in #SoftPaws on FurNet. Nevermind the 100 hour idle time, message me anyway. I'll get back to you eventually. If you'd like to see an RL linsang, check here: http://www.kostich.com/spotted_linsang.htm