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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFelinius "The MadCat" de Tigerclaw
SpeciesOryctologus cuniculus/Felis concolor Hybrid, a subspecies of "cabbit" known commonly as a "Punny" (Puma bunny hybrid)
Weight200 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur pattern, general muzzle shape, and build can at a quick glance, cause one to think he's simply a cougar with slightly oversized paws, but at further inspection, one would notice he has the long ears of an english lop, pulled back into almost like a pony tail behind his head to keep them out of the way, and no true tail, instead with the puffball tail of a rabbit
Hair Colourtwany and messy looking
Eye Coloura strange yellow/green
Clothingloose fitting black BDU pants, black leather belt with steel buckle, black tanktop, and black BDU jacket
AccessoriesSteel dog tags hanging around his neck, black sunglasses
WeaponryNone carried, trained in Hand to Hand, grappling, melee, and archery
Special AbilitiesShifter, can hold the form of either a full anthro lop, an anthro cougar, or take on his "war form" which lookes liek a primal cougar, only with features and size of a sabertooth tiger

Personality & Background

PersonalityDistrustfull, slightly paranoid, and quite, untill he gets to know you
LikesComputers, Esoteric Sciences, Martial arts
DislikesLoud noises, firearms, idiots
LocationYpsilanti, MI
OccupationFactory Worker

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