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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKara Tenerath
SpeciesCyborg Neko
GenderLittle Bit of Both
SummaryCybernetically enhanced Catherm with a penchant for transformation. She grew up as a human an only child to a mother who was deranged and thought she was a princess and a cybernetic mother named Ellis. She bonded with Ellis and learned how to use the cybernetic nano bots on herself. She augmented herself with them and with that she was able to change her species. She decided on a snow white Neko form as she saw a small kitty like that that she tried to save when she was younger. Kara today has learned much and has somehow became a goddess after taking a test online that turned out to be real. This gave her the abilities to change others Species and gender at will. She is generally friendly, but if you mess with her friends you will most likely end up a new gender. She recently got into changing her height and shape after her friend Chess introduced her to it. Kara will use her powers at random be warned she is silly.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSnow white fur with pink pads and inner ears and nose
Hair ColourBlack and Purple
Eye Colourmy left eye is a cybernetically enhanced eye and its grey my right eye is blue
ClothingKara usually wears T-shirt and jeans. She hates formal wear and high heels.
AccessoriesHer bottomless Stomach. Kara ate her brothers bottomless bag one day and it became part of her tummy. She decided then to install a theme park for micros inside her tummy. She also has a tummy door for easy escape
WeaponryKara being a Cybernetics expert has a Battle mech that she can teleport into and take full control. Her body goes into stasis and her consciousness goes into the mech.
Special AbilitiesThe Glomp-A-Fy and the TG ray of doom.
Outstanding FeaturesOne eye being different than the other and is unusually fluffy even though she is slim

Personality & Background

PersonalityHappy bubbly
BackgroundPHD in Cybernetics
Likesnice people,Ice cream,Movies,Video games,Pets,pets did i mention pets?
Dislikesmean people
OccupationMad Genuis

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteMore than meets the eye!

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