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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZack Mark Ravencroft
SpeciesSwift Fox
Height5' 9"

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGoldish brown with a cream white on the tip of his tail and from his chin down to his inner thighs with black on the tips of his ears.
Hair ColourChestnut brown styled in a crewcut.
Eye ColourBlue grey
ClothingHe wears a Dark red A-shirt with a Dark blue Jean jacket over it, the words state prison property written in bold black letters on the back. He wearing also black khakis with a pair of scuffed dark brown boots. Around his waist is a light brown belt with a silver buckle.
AccessoriesA silver chain around his neck
WeaponryA pair of Brass Knuckles with a set of throwing knives. Also carries a Firefighter's Axe aswell as a Dagger at his left side.
Outstanding FeaturesThe Prison number dyed into the fur of his right shoulder and neck it also etched caefully into his skin below them.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is friendly enough though he has become really cautious for obvious reasons. Some say he is cold and can be quite brutal.
BackgroundLived a normal life formerly working as a construction worker he enjoyed his job though it got repetitive. Day in and day out helping to build skyscrapers, he got a little more frusterated and eventually he took out his frustration on a random wolf at a local bar who wouldn't let up on bothering him. He ended up killing the wolf aswell as a couple others who had tried to subdue him before he was finally arrested and sentanced to 23 years in prison, he being 19 at the time a year later he has escaped and is 'on the run.' He was wearing a power reduction collar but has since gotten it removed.
LikesFreedom, roaming around and enjoying himself
LocationIn differing places
OccupationUnemployed, Escaped convict.
Additional InfoPrison number:24357 His powers include control over sound, fire, lightning and has the ability to create a freezeing mist aswell.