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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAccipitrina
Weight270 lbs.
SummaryAccipitrina is an overweight, gay, and rather reserved raccoon. He is not as flamboyant as many furs seem to be, but is not afraid of a little affection.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAccipitrina's fur is a mahogany in color. His arms and legs are wrapped in what can only be described as reverse stockings, with his upper arms and thighs being covered in darker fur than the rest of his body, the color extending across his back and bum, connecting both sets of appendages. His face bears the typical mask of his species, with white playing at the edges of his ears and tip of his muzzle.
Hair ColourAccipitrina has no headfur. Aside from the reddish fur that covers his head the same as the rest of his body, that is.
Eye ColourAccipitrina's eyes are a dim shade of aqua.
ClothingGenerally, Accipitrina doesn't try to dress up. As such, he's usually wearing a pair of kahki slacks and some sort of button-up shirt. Though he'll slap on a pair of jeans to do work in.
AccessoriesThe 'coon doesn't make a point to carry anything in particular around with him, but still manages to have an apparently inexhaustable supply of potions. Said potions generally lead either out of trouble or into fun, though the former statement can also be reversed.
WeaponryAccipitrina doesn't enjoy fighting, and thusly doesn't carry any weapons!
Outstanding FeaturesThis fur is overweight! It's obvious from his physical appearance that Accipitrina has led a life of less-than-strenuous physical activity.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAccipitrina's a bit out of it. While he's generally easygoing, his mood can shift quite quickly. He tries not to involve others in his mood swings, however, and can appear to be a stoic or cold because of it. As such, the most distinguishing feature of Accipitrina's personality is his duality. At times, he can appear to be the most upbeat fur in the world, not really caring if the terrible comes to pass, and fully enjoying what good fortune may come. At other times, he can be miserable, letting the slightest bump in the road completely defeat him. He works constantly to climb out of these defeatist moods, with mixed results. Such as it is, the only real way to know how the 'coon behaves is to simply interact with him.
BackgroundAccipitrina comes from a mixed past. To many outsiders, it would appear as if the raccoon has had the perfect upbringing, with two married parents, enough money to not have to worry about money, and an enviable education. From the inside, though, things are dramatically different. If one tries to squeeze the 'coon for info, he's quick to change the subject, ready to discuss just about anything else (sans his occupation). Though it's obvious Accipitrina has been through a lot, he never seems to think it's worth talking about his problems; believing that such discourse is incredibly self-centered and egotistical.
LikesAccipitrina enjoys anything new. He's curious, and wants to experience as many different things as possible on this planet during his lifetime. Still, he's managed to gain an affinity for certain things, such as techno muzik. However, he generally doesn't declare his likes, as Accipitrina is a bit shy about committing himself to anything.
DislikesAccipitrina's dislikes are complex. As such, he generally views negative events and experiences as another venue for learning, and tries not to pidgeonhole things into a "bad" category. Still, while the 'coon seems to have an unnatural tolerance for allowing misfortune to befall him, he's ardent about never letting such things to happen to his friends.
LocationAccipitrina is where he needs to be.
OccupationAccipitrina always seems to have enough money to support himself, but never enough to be considered rich, or even affluent. He never really seems comfortable talking about what he does for a living, though.
Additional InfoOh, yeah. This 'coon is really, really gay. He's not flamboyant, but has absolutely no sexual interest in girls. Not that he thinks girls are "yucky", or anything; he's far too emotionally mature for that.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Small minds talk about people. Average minds talk about things. Great minds talk about ideas."

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