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Kimmy in her glory~

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKimmy the Kitsune
Age1,027 (looks 23)
Height1/40th of your size! (Two inches if you're human-size.)
Weight120 lbs when she's in human size.
SummaryHalf-kitsune, nine tails, demi-human body but full kitsune, LOVES to be eaten, cannot be digested, but loves it when people try. White fur, auburn hair, blue eyes, 5'9".

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCompletely snow-white
Hair ColourHair = auburn
Eye ColourElectric blue, with gray flecks in the iris spattered around. No pupils.
ClothingOptional. VERY optional. Almost never worn.
AccessoriesOther than her 9, bushy, pure-white fox-tails, Kimmy wears no jewelry or other accessories.
WeaponryKimmy does not like violence and does not use weaponry. She can alter her center of gravity and can float in midair, and is immune to fire, acid, and being crushed by anything, and does not need to eat, drink or breathe - she feeds on bodyheat.
Outstanding FeaturesKimmy's fur covers her from elbow to (large) hand-paw, and knee to foot-paw. Her fox ears are also white, and she has 9 fluffy snow-white tails. Other than that, though, she appears to look like a normal human female, aged approximately 23. Her skin is a lovely peach color, neither pale nor dark, and her hair reaches down to halfway between her shoulder and elbow. She has a very slender build, and as such her waist, torso, hips and shoulders are narrower than a human's. She also has smallish-medium breasts, about a B cup size.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKimmy is a very kind half-kitsune who can be a bit of a trickster at times, but is usually extremely silly and playful. She often talks far more than expected, and can chatter on for hours if someone doesn't tell her nicely to calm down. For some unexplainable reason, Kimmy enjoys inhabiting other peoples' stomachs and lower areas. Because of her immunities to the hazards of the digestive system, she actually enjoys when tummies treat her like nothing but food and attempt to digest her - the rougher, the better. She has no compunctions about viewing any and all of someone's gut, from start to finish is quite fine. Generally, you can find her occupying SOMEONE's tummy, or giving a massage to one of her larger friends.
BackgroundComing Soon
LikesGiving massages, being silly, wandering randomly around the innards of beings that swallow her alive, hanging out with things far bigger than she is.
DislikesSome forms of yiffing (ask prior if you want to), cold places, rudeness, and poodles.
LocationProbably in somebody's stomach...
OccupationKimmy doesn't have a job, and just kinda hangs around people bigger than she.
Additional InfoI love being randomly eaten and I PREFER when my preds do digestion, as long as they realize that I myself cannot be digested. But, the more you try and the more your body treats me like common food, the happier I am. I do participate in non-vore though, but I am far happier in my own element.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteAny goal in life is achieveable if you simply try hard enough, and are willing to sacrifice what

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