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The RAF was the first airforce and protects.

Vital Statistics!

Character Namemarshal
Height5ft something
Summarycombat pilot, can fly differnt aircraft from piston to jet. Freind of the macrofurs.

Outward Appearance

Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingCasual but most of the time in flight suit, Camoflague (DPM) or parade uniform
AccessoriesDepends on location, always has a sidearm normally 6 shot revolver.
WeaponryApart from sidearm; .22 sniper rifle,SA80 A1, M16,AK47 Spetnaz or Famas. Fighter/Bomber/Helicopter aircraft that has all soets of missiles and cannon.
Outstanding FeaturesWears glasses and is of normal human height

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy in front of strangers but a very good friend
LikesThe RAF, Luftwaffe, USAF, Russian airforce. Macrofurs and normal sized furs. Making freinds and flying.
DislikesEvil thing or people i.e. terroists. Bullies
LocationGreat Brition, most of the time.
Additional Infocan fire differnt weaponary

Just for Fun

BlogMyspace or FurAffinity
Favourite QuoteWhats done is done, you cant do anything about it now. You should of done something earlier you lazy basta**s! - Admiral Groves to his staff