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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShads / ShadowTiger (A Moniker.)
SpeciesCatgirl: Primarily humanoid.
GenderFemale (Tomboy)
Height6 foot 2
Weight137 pounds
Summaryhttp://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b117/BH4/ShadowTiger.gif Shads is a 6'2 137 lbs 23 year old tanned catgirl, preferring darkness over light, yet is a holy type. She usually wears a black Tank top and blue jeans, and a wristwatch, sneakers, and a purple marble anklet on her left leg.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShads is completely hairless, other than the hair on her head. Her form is a solid tannish color, with few distinguishing features.
Hair ColourSpiked purple hair seems to stream down to her face and down to her neck. (See image.)
Eye ColourHer eyes vary from light violet to midnight purple, and anywhere in between. They can occasionally be bright green or darkest red, depending on her mood.
ClothingBeing the tomboy that she is, she has little sense of fashion. She is usually seen dressed in dark blue jeans and a black tank top or black hoodie.
AccessoriesA purple charm rests around her left ankle. Nobody knows what arcane symbol is depicted on its clear marble surface on its silver chain.
WeaponryShads' dexterity is her primary weapon. Her lithe catgirl form hides any number of genetically engineered muscular structures designed for killing. However, she has never had to use them, and as such has no knowledge of their presence. May she never have to.
Outstanding FeaturesShe appears primarily serious most of the time, though her expression is very quick to change under friendly conditions. Shads is also completely flat chested.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShads is generally very friendly, though she sports a serious expression when not engaged in communal chat. She's very open minded, and strives to make others happy wherever possible.
BackgroundShadowTiger began as a normal human child. She was kidnapped when she was very young, and taken to a hidden laboratory deep in the woods. She never knew where. They performed various experiments on her, merging her DNA with that of a cat, and humanity's best warriors. She was intended to become the ultimate land warrior; strong, fast, and far too intelligent for the enemy to comprehend. She eventually escapes; her transformations to warrior not quite complete. She runs through the hills and mountains, finding shelter in a cave. Little did she know that the cave was already occupied by lustful Dragons. They had their way with her, and she still bears the scars of that encounter. She has been wandering ever since, and finds shelter with friends wherever possible.
LikesShads is a creature of the darkness. She isn't evil though; not by a long shot. She simply prefers darkness over light. Her likes include the element Silver. She has a very, very close connection with it. Otherwise, she loves water, contrary to most cats.
DislikesShads dislikes the sun. It's an odd thing to dislike, considering that she loves all things natural. It reminds her of her general(ly low levels of) misanthrophy.
LocationShads has no location. IRL, however, she takes up residence with a genderless (Read: Indifferent.) individual in lowereastern New York.
OccupationN / A ... though, she did help put up a steel mechanical security door on a Dragoness's cave once. It was a joint effort though.
Additional InfoShadowTiger can be found on irc.initialized.org in: #PureZC and #Geecku. She can be found on irc.furnet.org in: #Feline, #Chakats, #SoftPaws, #Spiritual, #DeirdresDen, and #RolePlay.