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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBrier Greenwood

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSkin color- Peach
Hair ColourHair color- Blondish Brown
Eye ColourColor- Brown
ClothingUsualy a white button shirt and black jeans
AccessoriesA neacklace. Black rist bands. And a few silver rings.
WeaponryHis magic over light is his only weapon.
Outstanding FeaturesA small black tatoo at his side.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBrier is shy, he likes to keep to himself. He isnt a very out going type of guy. But ironic enough he hates to be alone, this is why he usualy has an orb of light follow him. Though if you are his friend he is very loyal and helpful. He keeps his promises, and others secreats.
BackgroundBrier came from a small backwater town. He was always a shy boy, he didnt make any friends, and his parents began to worrie when he started to talk to himself. They sent him away to a privet school, which had many diffrent races of students. Brier was as shy as he ever was. If a kid or teacher spoke to him he studdered over all his words, or just didnt answer. One day he met a Fox-anthro by the name of Red. For the first time in his life Brier had someone to talk to, and share his secreats with. You see Brier was born with a magical skill to controll and adapt light. This is why his parents were thinking he was talking to himself, when actualy he was talking to a small light orb he summoned up. Years passed and Brier graduated from school, and left his friend Red behind. Brier didnt return home like he was supose to. Instead he wanders the world in search of nothing but a few pals, and a real place to call home.
LikesNice quite places. Fooling around with his magic. Close friends.
DislikesDark creatures. Bullys. Evil hearted ones. Dark places. And people who dont care about no one else but themselves.