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Black-phase Red Fox

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKit!
SpeciesVulpes/Vulpes (Red fox)
Height1 ft, 9 in (32.8 cm)
Weight9.15 pounds (4.15 kg)
Summary Let's see. A little about me. I'm an outgoing type that typically prefers to be everyone's friend and to trust everyone until I've been given reason to do otherwise. I'm also a very empathic type; sometimes I may seem to be .. hesitant to get to know someone, and it's usually because something tells me something about the person I bump into is someone I won't get along with/won't agree with or some other factor. It's my empathy at work, and it's usually right. :p Something very important to understand about me is the fact that I'm not always present (even if logged in), not always available or am busy in other windows/gaming/tweaking/"geeking" all over my computer or something else. I'm a geek, a gear-head and one of those 80's fans. Also an avid gamer. Just 'cause I seem to ignore you doesn't mean I actually am - it probably just means I'm doing something else. I'll likely see what you've said and reply to it when I find the time to allot to reply, otherwise assume I've seen it unless I say otherwise. On a generic note, I'm an open book. Not much about me is kept private, and I tend to be rather... active. In a more adult fashion.. I won't go into details here, but ask away. I'm not always looking, however - generally, if I'm willing, all it takes is a few passes at me to see, but it's best not to push it. I can become annoyed at it. Anything you might want to know about me, you can find out by asking - don't be shy, I don't bite. :p Also, I may take one of many forms. If I'm not on as Kit, look for Snafu (black lynx), Neviskunk (striped skunk) or Myiasia (true-form name)- the names are there to identify my current form. NOTE TO FURBASE: Just a note, but, uh... didn't you know it's possible for more than one instance of the same name to exist across multiple IRC networks? Perhaps you should make it so the same name can exist here more than once, sort by primary IRC server or something. ^.^;;

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilverish eartips, underbelly, tailtip, pawpads, 'mask'; charcoal-black everywhere else.
Hair ColourLacking in all forms (I don't have any!) except in true form, at which point it's charcoal-black.
Eye ColourMorphic (colour-changing)
ClothingTypically none, but I can occasionally be caught in a bright magenta-coloured, two-piece fleece blouse and skirt outfit. Sometimes I'm wearing a thin black garment designed more for looks than functionality, and it doesn't hide much.
AccessoriesBlue nylon collar, typically visible on all forms, from which dangles a gold-coloured tag that has "Kit" engraved on it, etched in manuscript.
WeaponryUh.. teeth and claws? Sometimes a pungent musk when in skunk form? :p
Outstanding FeaturesNone, really. I'm pretty generic, appearance-wise, tending to keep things more-or-less natural.

Personality & Background

Personality Outgoing, straight-forward, sometimes a bit TOO open with given details, I'm the type that finds myself talking too much. With that in mind, I often try to tone down what I say to include enough information, but not so much that I become offensive with it.
BackgroundAsk - I have many details to give, and this is one of those things I'd probably run off at the mouth about. *giggle*
Likes I have less dislikes than I have likes, so see dislikes. Ask me about this if you want.
Dislikes Just about anything that deals with harming someone, be it physically, mentally or spiritually. I hate big egos (healthy ones are fine), can't stands someone who constantly wants to be in control of everything. I don't particularly care for people who think they're right about everything, and I really don't care for religious slander. I'll probably add more to this later.
LocationDenver, Colorado
OccupationCurrently unemployed.
Additional InfoThe key to getting to know me is to ask and be patient. Some things take longer than others with me, and it all depends on the person.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI'll fill this in later. I'll have to think of one.

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