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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKeekers
SpeciesBaffin Island Tundra Wolf (smallish arctic wolf)
Weight125 lbs :P
SummaryKeekers is a short, artsy, often laid back white wolf. She loves colours and puppies as well as carnage and corsets. As you can tell, she covers every end of the spectrum.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAll white. No markings.
Hair ColourYes Keekers has hair, usually reddish though it is sometimes medium brown or dark brown. Long and straight most of the time, however its been known to curl on occassion.
Eye ColourAnywhere between aqua and jade green, they change depending on her mood.
ClothingShe'll wear nearly anything, ranging from fishnets and corsets to bohemian skirts and halter tops. Though she often keeps in mind how others are going to perceive her, which usually decides what she'll wear. She also dresses according to weather. But mostly its just comfy tee shirts and flare leg jeans.
AccessoriesJewelry is ever changing, as far as bracelets, collars, chokers and necklaces go. Her ears aren't pierced but when she feels like it she'll wear a pair of clip ons. Three rings are worn at all times, two silver and one gold. The silvers are on either her ring fingers or her index finger and the gold is worn on either her left middle finger or left thumb.
WeaponryShe's way too clumsy to have weapons, however if she could she'd use a staff or fans. Though mostly she prefers mauling with her own hands.
Outstanding FeaturesThough she's predominantly wolf, she is a bit doggish in appearence. Her ears are slightly larger and more pointed than usual. Very short and of small to medium build, also has a second set of canines plus a longer than average tongue. In the winter, in addition to growing longer, thicker fur, she also grows fetlocks around her wrists and ankles.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe can be very intense. Ranging in emotions like any other woman. Though she's very passionate about things like art, love and spirituality while staying neutral on things like war or politics, not because she doesn't have an opinion, but because she doesn't want to push her views onto anyone else.
BackgroundThe wolf came from divorced parents, one of which remarried. It was an ugly seperation and as such has left her a bit scarred. Otherwise her childhood was normal, just bouncing back and forth between parents as she continues to do today.
LikesWell, she's a girl, so she likes horses and puppies and rainbows and all that. As an artist she enjoys pencils, the internet and moldable erasers. A self professed chocoholic and lover of several varieties of food. Many of which are under a dollar at the grocery store. Really she has far too many likes and dislikes to mention.
DislikesShe dislikes strong personalities usually, like really egotistical people, or really mouthy people. You know. Also sea food, that's one food group she just can't handle. If you want to find out more about her, you'll just have to talk to her.
LocationA mostly suburban city, it is actually a branch off an even larger city.
OccupationOddly enough Keekers does networking for the college she attends. She couldn't tell you how it worked, only that she can do it. She is also a freelance artist in her spare time.
Additional InfoIf you'd like to know more about her you can check her ref sheet here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/37057183/

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBrother fighting brother, there's nothing more American than that.

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