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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKado
Age20 years
Weight160 lbs
SummaryKado is a usually shy, somewhat nerdy wolf-dragon. She is by no means a slut, and will avoid getting into "heavy petting" unless she knows the person in question well. She's very shy, but warm and talkative once you break past her shell. She's no stick-thin supermodel, nor does she strive to be. More often than not, she will be seen enjoying a book or eating while lounging in a beanbag chair.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourKado has medium gray fur. Her tailtip, back, shoulders, lower arms, lower legs, and paws are all a slightly darker shade of gray. She has white chestfur that extends from under her muzzle down to her inner thighs. Facial detail includes a little bit of white, a bit of black, and a bit of brown among the predominantly gray fur, as per your typical gray wolf. Her wings are black.
Hair ColourShe has longish dark brown headfur, that reaches and drapes over her shoulders. It's wavy and thick, as thick as the rest of her fur.
Eye ColourHer eyes are a tealish gray, with an orange sunburst around the pupils, giving the appearance of green eyes when viewed from a distance.
ClothingHer usual outfit is a pair of khaki pants with a brown suede belt. She prefers either a black mesh top or a button-up silk shirt. As for undergarments, Kado is, more often than not, in a bikini top and bottom under her top layer, in a deep purple or pitch black.
AccessoriesKado wears black thin-rimmed rectangular glasses that sit atop the bridge of her muzzle.
Outstanding FeaturesKado looks like your typical grey wolf, save for the fact that her muzzle is a bit wider than that of your average lupine and her tail is about six inches longer than that of your typical wolf. She's also got a pair of dragon wings affixed to her shoulder blades, medium in size, with a wingspan of probably around four to five feet total, only enough to really glide from a high place to a lower place. In terms of proportions, she's a 38C with a 31 inch waist.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I do not wish to achieve immortality through my work. I wish to achieve immortality by not dying."