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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShoryu
SpeciesFurry Sea-Dragon
Height10' 5

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourmainly pure white along front, fadeing into a deep sea-dlue along the back and wings. claw fur fades into same sea blue form white along arms.
Hair ColourBlood red, shiny, several feet long.
Eye ColourBlood red, though slightly darker than hair.
Clothingwhite leather pants, semi loose fit. pure white cloak covering all but wings. no shirt. someitmes fingerless leather gloves.
Accessoriesa pure silver necklace with a dragon's head shaped pendant on it, the eyes encrusted with rubies, a well as ball-chains around each wrist and ankle and several large ones around the neck.
WeaponryWater demon katana Kaishin, and a massive 10' blade of Shadow's named Kurogane. also carries quite a few throwing knives and otehr such ranged items under the cloak.
Outstanding Featuresfour large wings, built like wyvern wings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVERY PATIENT, open minded, extremly hard to anger, and please, don't 'TRY' to get me mad ^-^, Imaginative, Night lover. nocturnal.
Backgroundnothin special yet.
Likeslets see, where to start. Games, shooting, guns, swords, war games, stealth, ninjas, magic, nijutsu, imagination, Mental training and focus, having someone to talk to, some kinky things, fighting, sword fighting, macro/micro. may add more later.
Dislikesfights and wars with no purpose, most humans, being wasteful, pointless killing, things that need lots of batteries, gansta wanna bes, high prices, gas prices
Locationeast coast U.S.
Occupationnone, currently just hangin on the net meetin different people.
Additional Infolike what? XD