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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDarena Bryant
SpeciesStone Gargoyle
Ageindeterminate; could be centuries
Height7' 2
Weight550 lbs.
SummaryDarena is a gargoyle, carved by her Creator to be both attractive and deadly to intruders. He placed her and a sister gargoyle to either entrance of his mansion, and was a great crafter of magical ogjects and constructs... Though her body is a blend of stones and metals, she is without seam or joint, and has a soft, very fleshlike feel and appearance to her. After several centuries, the Creator passed away, causing less traffic into the mansion and fewer people to visit. Unaware, She and her sister remained as guardians, too powerful to be chased off, protecting the mansion. Unable to move into the place, the people surrounding it left it to decay, and eventually it fell as well, crushing Darena's sister uder the rubble. Left to herself, and frozen in stone, unaware of what had happened, she slept for an unknown number of years, until even the base she stood on crumbled, taking with it the binding runes that kept her in stasis and prevented her from leaving... in other words free. She looked at the worn stones and faintly recogniseable ruins that was all that was left of the mansion and wept, walking among the tumbled stones and searching, eventually finding a massive sword stored in a small chamber, exposed from underground by the wearing away of stone by a small stream that wandered now through the middle of the ruins. Leaving things behind since she had no choice, she headed out into the world, and realising that she couldn't just walk about naked, took up jobs as a Guardian, soon becoming known as one of the best in the business from her sheer determination. Darena doesn't need to sleep or eat or drink, though she can. She also doesn't need to breathe, and can survive on the bottom of the ocean as well as the void of space. Her body is self healing from all but the most serious of wounds, though by pressing some stones to any major damage, she can repair herself quicker. She is about 10 times stronger than a mammal of the same size and build. Her body is tougher than normal as well, and these both come from the odd magical combination of the strength of stone and metal fused with the resilience and flexibility of flesh.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMottled dark grey skin; lighter on the chest, throat, abs and crotch than elsewhere. Also lighter on pads of feet and paws.
Hair ColourSpiky, wild blue strands in a mowhawk, held in a tight braid behind the head with a simple bow.
Eye Colourvariable, based on unknown forces... always glowing with lighter center points. Can range from light blue to a deep menacing red.
ClothingVaries. Usually a costume of red silk and leather. Short, hip and rump hugging shorts with a skull motif of real bone on the crotch, a top made of crisscrossing strips of red leather over her chest supported by chains and leather loops around her neck and waist. A long red leather cloak, lined with velvet, connected to a pair of shoulders that look to have been made from some kind of demon spawns bones. Forearm and shin guards that are made of the real skulls and bone shards of her fallen enemies. Also likes to wear complex armor set for other combat, complete with shoulder, forearm, chest, hip, thigh and shin plates and a scale mail undersuit. Other than these and a few other, usually likes to go nude or wear light, loose silks... probably because of the complex and heavy clothing usually worn.
AccessoriesUsually nothing.
WeaponrySometimes can be seen with a huge Zanbattou. This recently found weapon is a remnant of the Creator, and is a sword large enough to cleave most people in half with a single swing, especially with her strength behind it.
Outstanding FeaturesLarge, sharp sabre teeth, framing her broad muzzle. Wide, powerful hand and foot paws with sharp black claws tipping each one. A long, prehensile and spade tipped tail. Large, batlike ears. Ample chest, hips and thighs, attached to a well muscled form.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly and outgoing, she still has a carefully defensive inner nature, feeling out anyone she meets to judge them safe or not. Those who are, she befriends quickly; those who aren't get pushed away, and in some cases, attacked outright.
LikesSweets, exploring, full moons and midafternoons, cuddling with certain people, feeling safe (usually after being sure there is no one left to challenge her), protecting people, flying.
Dislikesspicy foods, bossy or overbearing people, losing, fighting, being lazy, having no real purpose, clingy people, pigeons, people who have too much power (or think they do), being trapped.
OccupationGuardian for hire and traveller.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteOn the hilltop where I have arrived, I can see all that I have ever known; I fly as free as a leaf on the wind. But there are places beyond the hills, Creator, and days beyond this one; and there are Shadows where the sun has no power. Do all Men walk as