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June 3, 2020, 06:11:57 AM
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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNakira
Height12ft (base)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue fur with diamond-shaped markings along her arms and legs.
Hair ColourRed-ish
Eye ColourDeep-Violet, with slit-like pupils.
Clothing-She wears a blue 'tank-top' shirt that does expose a little bit of the sides of her 'chest'. Over that is a red unbuttoned vest that does a well enough job covering her 'front', belly not exposed. -Covering her legs is a silk red dress that comes to just about her ankles. No shoes or any form of footwear
AccessoriesA single silver bracelet on each wrist, not very lose, barely ever moves on her wrists. Then similar anklets around her Ankles (obviously.) Sometimes legless glasses are rested upon her muzzle.
Outstanding FeaturesUnlike traditional Suicune, her 'ribbons' start at her shoulder and spiral down her arm without actually touching her fur. Her tail is almost lizard like, but covered in fur and ends in a tuft much like a lions. Also a pair of fox like ears peek out from her hair.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's mostly quite friendly and cuddly, even if quite shy at first. Though she can just as easily become furious and dangerous. But for the most part she's friendly, yay!
BackgroundI'll work on it.
LikesMeeting new people, hanging out, Relaxing, snuggling, cuddling, bigger furs, smaller Furs, maybe a bit of size changing of her own, Movies, video games, sparring
DislikesPokeballs! Not that they effect her at all, People who are mean towards other pokemorphs, not her fault she's this way (and it's not exactly her players fault they happen to find the idea appealing.)
LocationWhere ever she is at the time?
OccupationSecretary, oh noes.