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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVersus
SpeciesAnthro Winged Lion
Height7' (Can shift at times ^^)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGold-ish
Hair ColourHas a light bown, bronzy mane
Eye ColourOcean Green
ClothingA white pair of fitting jeans with black boots and a black, spiked belt coupled with a short, rather tight t-shirt that is cut-off a few inches below the chest, kinda like a tank-top. He does change clothes, and usually wears attention-getting clothes.
AccessoriesHas on a pair of black leather gloves with fingers cut out, a bell-collar around his neck and, if they count as "accessories", he has a pair of not too large, very feathery white wings, that were kinda stuck on him when he was born ^^
WeaponryAny random object in the vicinity, throwable or not ^^ He does have the basic ability to control air and light and can fly, of course ^^

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe smiles a lot, likes to have a good time and tries to make the best out of life. He's mostly optimistic and addicted to the mirror.. Yep, a narcissist! He is nice to pretty much anyfur and if you make friends with him, you've made a good friend that's also hard to get rid of ^^. He also tends to show off a bit and can't help but be excited over good news ^^
BackgroundAlthough you could'nt tell behind his smile and outgoing nature, Versus has had a pretty tough life, what with death and seperation and all. He was born in Rome and grew up on a small island in Italy, with no more than probably a few thousand inhabitants, surrounded by ocean and wilderness. When he then left Italy, he had to live with step-parents which he was never fond of in America. But, since then, things have gotten better and he has put much of that behind, and now tends to be MUCH happier and lives as if nothing ever happened.
LikesBeing around other furs (Anyfur, big or small), Having fun and traveling, because knowing what is in this world is one of the things he lives for. FOOD and parties, he needs to have fun some how ^^. Fighting for a purpose or for a challenge, driving fast cars and flying, there's a better view of stuff. Drawing and poetry, because they lets those volatile thoughts and emotions come out. Music because it speaks to him, and any form of classical art because back then, either you were an artist, or you were'nt.
DislikesPrejudice, stupidity, cruelty, violence and factory-made pop idols, Jello and Root Beer.. Bleh!
LocationAny random place.. He travels and wanders a lot, so putting a definite location would be a lie ^^

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"You never see me more than once, for you may have changed since then, and I never remain the same for too long."

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