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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVahn Meirse
SpeciesHalf-Elf (other half is feline)
Weight154lbs (.24oz cursed)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBody is furless, peach-pale skin. His tail, however, is felinic, coated in a light cream fur, with a tuft of pinkish hair on the tip.
Hair ColourLight pink/red, and the occasional twig woven in.
Eye ColourGoldenrod
ClothingClothing is earthtone, consisting of a green, leaf-print vest, and brown breeches. Boots are worn leather, high-top.
AccessoriesNothing of real interest, except for a small gold chain around his neck.
WeaponryNo visible weaponry.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShy and quiet, most of the time, unless immersed in a group of friends. In that case, he's a jokester and someone who attempts to be humorous with almost anyone.
BackgroundVahn led a simple life, living on his own in the land of Kasuria, on a continent named 'Furcadia'. Having the benefit of a wealthy family (in property only), he inherited the family house upon his eighteenth birthday. Life was swell, after that point in time. However, he soon stumbled upon a woman of mystic power, who instantly found his elf-like appearance attractive. He didn't return the sentiments. As a 'punishment' for refusing her, Vahn was cursed with the life of being four inches tall at all times. Two years of suffering ensued, but Vahn eventually escaped, living on his own with nature, safe and free of the wicked woman. He then met Rhennessa, quite on accident, though soon befriended her. Time went on, and Vahn found himself stashed away in her pet Panzer, Tank, and brought to BF Community College, where he now resides, trying to learn a way to break his curse. [Corny? Meh. I know. =3]
LikesLarger women, cuddling, pumpkin pie, and nature. Oh, and his many friends.
DislikesRude people, crass attitudes.
LocationBFCC Dorms.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"People call me an RP-whore. But do I deny it? No! I embrace it! ... Wanna RP? =3"

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