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Bad Bunny! No Carrot! (Image courtesy and copyright Wyldeside)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTheophilous Bolt
SpeciesWhite Rabbit
HeightTaller than my boots, shorter than my ears.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAlbino
Hair ColourPurest pale white.
Eye ColourBrilliant, ruby red.
ClothingAn albino rabbit looms before you, his tall and powerful body is marked by broad shoulders and a toned physique, poised with a casual, confident grace. He wears very little, save gauntlets of tight black leather and a pair of perfectly polished conquistador boots that climb his long, strong legs like a second skin to within a whisper of his rump. He wears black leather briefs that are almost more wanton than simply going naked...his spade-tail poking from a cutout near the waistband. His lush pelt is paler than pure pearl, his ears are long, expressive and elegant, and devilish vermilion eyes catch and hold your gaze in their cruel grip...
AccessoriesKung-Fu Grip
WeaponryWeaponry. Heh. Now isn't that cyuute?

Personality & Background

PersonalityThe smiling sadist. Unrepentantly, irredeemably evil but otherwise a cheery fellow of good humor. Terribly heterosexual, despite all appearances.
BackgroundIn character (which is dreadfully difficult for me to accomplish with any real seriousness), I am =of= magic. The rabbit who pulled himself out of the hat to inhabit the daydreams of the wicked and the nightmares of the innocent...
LikesSadism and little people who go crunch, black leather, being worshipped like a god, screams of terror, absolute power.
DislikesKilljoys and self-appointed heroes.
LocationNewport, RI.

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