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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMacroMatt
Speciesgrey wolf
SummaryHello my name is MacroMatt, but you can just call me Matt if you want. I am a teenage grey wolf who likes Rock music and likes to get stomped on a lot. I live in a giant house with my friends who happen to be macro furries. Theres Lionah the lioness, Pana the giant purple panther, Vixy the fox, Kiki the big leopardess, and Tina the giant tigress. Its hard at first living with a group of giants but give it a week or two of getting stomped on and you pretty much are immune of all the pain. Anyways I am also a macrofurry artist, I guess people love my art because I draw paws really well so people love the stomp pics I make.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourgrey/ light grey
Hair Colourblonde hair but face is grey
Eye Colourgreen
Clothingnavy blue t-shirt with tanned baggy cargo pants
Weaponrymy feet
Outstanding Featuresi dont know what that is

Personality & Background

PersonalityIm a very active and artistic person
LikesI like to play bass guitar, drawing macrofurries, and getting stomped on.
DislikesI dislike racism, and haters that don't like my art
LocationUnited States of America , Pasadena ,CA
OccupationBassist/ artist

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